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Post Grad Life: How to fill the void

Post Grad Life: How to fill the void

Post-grad life is a little strange. On the one hand, you’ve finally done it. All the late-night library sessions and the frantic revision has come together and you finally have your degree.

Cue graduation, celebrations and a whole lot more partying.

But then suddenly, just after the Boomerang of you throwing your cap has been posted to Instagram, the magic fades. Reality sets in – what the hell am I going to do with my life?

Of course, if you’re one of those obscenely organised types you will stroll right into the grad scheme you applied for in the summer of second year. For us mere mortals however, the post grad life can be pretty overwhelming.

Never fear, here are some top tips for how to fill the post grad void:

1) Apply for jobs – Any job, just see where it takes you. If you have no clue what you want to do, apply to a load and see who gets back to you. The process of applying alone takes up a lot of time. But if you accidentally score your dream job by the end of it? Even better!

2) Volunteer – Why not put all that extra free time to good use? Volunteering not only gives back, it develops your own personal skills and can help you on your way to a job one day.

3) Travel – Didn’t manage a gap yah the first-time round? It sounds cliched, but we’re going to be working our whole lives. Delaying this for a couple of months or a year isn’t going to seriously harm your job prospects. Plus, you get to expand your horizons and see some incredible places.

4) Develop your hobbies – They say that if you can turn your hobby into a career, you’ll be doing life right. While that’s easier said than done, take a well-earned break from all that academia. Concentrate on the things you love which may have fallen by the wayside.

5) Internships/Work Experience – If you’re not having any luck with post grad jobs, why not undertake some work experience? Granted, most positions are unpaid, but it might give you an edge on your CV and lead to some very interesting places.

6) Learn something new – Unless you’re going on to a Masters, the prospect of more studying can seem a little unbearable. However, now is your chance to learn something completely new outside of your degree. It could be a new language, a musical instrument or skill.

7) Staycation – If you can’t afford the whole gap yah experience, why not try a staycation? Chances are that having lived in your uni town or city for 3+ years, you barely visited any of the touristy stuff. Grab some mates and head to all the places you always said you were going to visit.

Holly Smith Editor