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A recent study has found that applications by nurses and midwives have dramatically dropped since the government’s decision to abolish NHS bursaries, leaving thousands of students with the prospect of now finding upwards of £9000 a year for their fees. This comes as a shock to many prospective nurses, with a clear majority being working […]

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COMMUTERS in Mexico were left puzzled after their tube train had a seat…in the shape of a penis. The publicity stunt aimed to raise awareness of the sexual harassment suffered by women on public transport, and the accompanying video posted on Youtube has since gone viral, winning praise from campaigners worldwide. A sign by the […]

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It’s easy to get caught up in the busy university lifestyle of takeaways, heavy drinking and forgetting what fruits tastes like. However, healing yourself from the inside with food looks set to become the new phenomenon, replacing clean eating as the go-to trend on campuses. Unlike clean eating, the whole concept of good mood food […]

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A study has revealed that students at Plymouth university are probably the most unhealthy in the country. Sellhousefast wanted to look into the “fast food epidemic” which they say is “ravaging UK universities”. Researchers looked into 25 UK universities  to find out how many fast food outlets were within a one mile radius of their […]

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According to this year’s Global Drugs Survey, there has been a rise in British females experiencing problems with MDMA with women up to three times more likely to seek emergency treatment than males. There is an estimated 20,000 Britons who take the illegal drug every weekend, with the majority aged 18-24-years-old. Talking to The Guardian, […]

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