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The 2018 Love Island lads are every f*ckboy you’ve encountered at uni

Elena Cotton
Love Island in full swing and let’s face it, you’re hooked. But, there’s something unsettling about this series. A certain Dejavu, je ne sais quoi. You might even feel like you’ve met the boys before. There’s a good reason for this – you have. The islanders this year perfectly sum up every fuckboy you’ve encountered […]

Every time Love Island summed up your student life.

TOFFEE: The new dating app exclusively for private school students

Elizabeth Whittingham
Watch your back Tinder, there’s a new dating app on the scene. Meet Toffee. Meet toffee, the new dating app which resembles tinder in pretty much every way possible, albeit one feature: the app is exclusively for private school students or alumni. By choosing to focus the app exclusively on this demographic, the app only […]

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