Home News Your Facebook page could give you a big discount on car insurance

Your Facebook page could give you a big discount on car insurance

Your Facebook page could give you a big discount on car insurance

One of the UK’s biggest car insurance providers is to start using social media sites, such as Facebook, to determine the personalities of drivers in order to set the price of their car insurance.


Yes, Admiral Insurance have said that they will start to analyse Facebook pages of first-time car owners so that they can identify who the less risk-taking drivers are.


If an individual is identified as well-organised and conscientious, then they will score well, in turn lowering their insurance.

According to The Guardian “The insurer will examine posts and likes by the Facebook user, although not photos, looking for habits that research shows are linked to these traits. These include writing in short concrete sentences, using lists, and arranging to meet friends at a set time and place, rather than just “tonight”.”

The scheme, called firstcarquote, is voluntary and seeks to offer discounts to young people aged 17 – 21 of up to £350 a year. If you already have an admiral black box fitted in your car, you can get an even bigger discount. The company, however, have said that will not increase the price of your insurance if you don’t score very well online.


A statement on their website reports that, “New drivers are often quoted much higher insurance premiums as they have little driving history, zero No Claims Bonus and are viewed as ‘high risk’. But we want to help make sure safe drivers aren’t penalised and get the best price possible.”

While it may seem like a huge privacy invasion, the company have been using Facebook and Twitter for years when it comes to  identifying fraud. The Financial Times reported that Admiral received a claim for an accident involving two people who said that they did not know each other. After consulting Facebook, they found that the two were actually boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, this is the first time that they will be using social media to create the price of your quote.

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Interested? Join the scheme here.

Holly Smith Editor