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World300: The Top Stories This Week in 300 Words

World300: The Top Stories This Week in 300 Words

1) Diving Pool Turns Green In Rio

At first, official spokespeople said that it was due to “a proliferation of algae”. However, later, The International Swimming Federation said that the problem comes from the pools’ pH after the aquatic centre ran out of chemicals.  Looks like Rio’s buckling under game pressure.

2) Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hilary Clinton

He’s yet again made headlines. “If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said . “Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.” The secret service have since ‘had a word’ with the man.

3) Burkinis have been banned

The all in one swim suits, known as Burkinis, have now been banned from the beach in Cannes after being deemed ‘a symbol of Islamic extremism’. Those wishing to continue wearing them, will be forced to pay 38euro.

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4)  Oscar Pistorius “fell out of bed”

Pistorious was rushed to hospital last weekend. He says he fell out of bed. His brother says he slipped over. But the hospital said they treated him for wrist injuries. While the prison said they round razor blades in his cell. Someone is lying here.

5) Almost half a million condoms have been provided for the Olympic village

Yup. Rio expects a lot of sex. The equivalent of 42 condoms for each person have been squeezed into vending machines. Unfortunately, they don’t contain the Olympic symbol, but they do provide a notice saying that they are not for resale, and have been made by Amazonian latex.

Holly Smith Editor