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Which degree should I study to become a millionaire?

Which degree should I study to become a millionaire?

Forget overdrafts, searching for spare pennies and the bank of mum and dad. A survey has revealed which degrees are the best options for anyone who wants to become a millionaire after they graduate. And let’s face it, who doesn’t?

MBA students are going to be the richest once their degrees are over, with those choosing an Engineering course coming in close second.

Economics, Business Studies and Law also produce a high percentage of millionaires.

The research was conducted by Spear’s Magazine together with consultancy company WealthInsight and surveyed a group of graduates worldwide to find out which degrees the “individuals with net assets of $1 million or more excluding their primary residences” had taken at university.

Here is the list of top earning degrees:

  1. Master of Business Administration 12%
  2. Engineering 10.7%
  3. Economics 8.2%
  4. Business Studies 5.9%
  5. Law 4.7%
  6. Accounting 2.9%
  7. Finance 2.1%
  8. Management 2.0%
  9. Commerce 1.9%
  10. Computer Science 1.9%

Out of all the subjects that were researched, biology, psychology and philosophy were at the bottom of the list in 20th place with 0.6% of graduates becoming millionaires. History came in 16th, and politics fell at 11th place with 1.3% – despite the age-old perception that humanities students end up eternally unemployed.

According to Oliver Williams, Head of WealthInsight, these “wealthy individuals” were at the top of their game because they learned how to be “entrepreneurs and innovators” from their degrees. Masters of Business Administration and degrees in Engineering and Economics set people up for success because they teach the types of rare skills that employers look for, and they “encourage new and smart thinking.”

If you’re thinking of doing a Bachelors, or a Masters after uni, keep these degrees in mind and student debt and making ends meet might just become a thing of the past.