Home News University chancellors are living off millions in our student fees

University chancellors are living off millions in our student fees

University chancellors are living off millions in our student fees

Universities have been accused of being run like high scale cartels as they are making the decision to run their establishments at the highest of prices whilst dishing out fat pay checks to people at the top.

The sheer magnitude of money now flowing into our universities due to the rise in the cap on fees means that the government is now being forced to reluctantly research the main destinations this money is headed for, finding out just how huge the salaries of university staff really are.

University vice chancellors are now seen to be receiving the highest salaries, mostly paid for by increased student fees.

This week VICE have revealed that some chancellors are receiving up to half a million pounds a year! They are also living for free in luxury houses and also receiving thousands in expenses.

The general secretary of the University and College Union this week has commented that the whole system ‘stinks’, stating that it is simply no longer sustainable for people at the top to be giving themselves these vast amounts of money annually, mostly paid for by student fees, with students plunged into debt after their studies.

So, why are these people being paid so much? Who has made the decision to do this?

VICE this week have revealed that chancellors are working in co cooperation to run universities like gangs/ cartel style institutions, working to raise fees and exploit students for vast amounts of money which does not represent the work performance of the staff.

Universities are now set to raise fees to £9,250 a year, sometimes for as little as nine hours teaching a week and a low rate of job success at the end of it all.

However, Jo Johnson, a university minister, still argues that the ‘risk’ is worth it, commenting on the fact that if you are a woman then having higher education under your belt means you are likely to earn £250,000 more than you would without it, for a man it’s £170,000 more!

Yet, there are people that believe university should be available to all classes and that fees should be removed altogether, disagreeing strongly with the idea of £50,000 in debt being loaded onto students before they have even achieved a job.

The trouble around tuition fees can be heralded as one of the main reasons why labour came so close to gaining a political seat as leaders of the UK, as their promise to scrap fees brought in a large student vote.

So, what can actually be done in order to curb these horrendously high salaries?

Vice-chancellor at the University of Buckingham has called for universities to stop dishing out fat pay checks to their highest rank staff, commenting on the fact that if these staff are happy to accept the cash, then they are not the sort of people that should be in the positions.

Anger is understandably high on this issue, as people are being paid much more than what actually reflects their work, with their wages being completely funded by students- who are then thrown into thousands of pounds in debt!

There is also the fact that students are now starting to question where their fees are ending up, especially with an article this week revealing that universities are claiming to be ‘poor’ and unable to sustain themselves?!

How about not paying chancellors half a million a year, yeah?

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.