Home News Trump is no longer coming to the UK in February, shame…

Trump is no longer coming to the UK in February, shame…

Trump is no longer coming to the UK in February, shame…

‘wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!’

The US President has scrapped plans for his visit to the UK in February, expressing his dislike for the one billion pound embassy he was set to open.

Trump has expressed his dislike for the moving of the embassy, as the building has been transferred from Mayfair to south London.

Trump has also blamed Obama’s administration, although the embassy move was approved by George W Bush.

In a tweet out put out yesterday, the President expressed his anger at that the embassy had been sold for peanuts under a poor administration.

Although the trip was not the extremely controversial full state visit organised by May, in which Trump wanted to arrive at Downing Street in the royal gold carriage, it was still a planned trip from the President, whose cancellation has raised questions, all of which Downing Street have of yet refused to answer.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, after clashing with the president in the past, has stated his understanding that the majority of London do not agree with the President’s ideals, suggesting that maybe the President had ‘got the message’ that the UK did not want him.

North American editor Jon Speel has commented this morning that there could have been riots in the streets of London, which was a definite cause for the trip to be either cancelled or postponed.

The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent has also commented on the event, stating that the trip had not even been ‘set in stone’ and therefore the President was well within his rights to cancel or postpone the trip, an activity which included tea and meetings with May at Downing Street and lunch with the Queen.

It has been revealed this morning that the ribbon cutting ceremony will now be carried out by Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State.

Trump accepted the offer of the visit last year in his meeting with the Prime Minister.

The event had soon collected over 1.8 million signatures for a petition to stop the event from happening.

After this petition, the Prime Minister revealed that he would be postponing his trip in fear of protests on the streets of London.

Theresa May was in fact the first person to meet Trump after he was sworn in as President, attending the White House in January 2017, a bold move considering how much both the US and the UK have been in disagreement over the course of 2017.

Mayor Sadiq Khan and Trump clashed over the London Bridge attacks; May and Trump clashed over the travel ban, and finally May and Trump have clashed again over the President’s decision to count Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Relations seem to be as awkward as ever between blighty’ and the states.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.