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Tories vote that animals cannot feel pain

Tories vote that animals cannot feel pain

It appears that the Conservative Party have excelled once again in their vendetta against animals, from May urging the reinstatement of fox hunting, to all that badger culling, they have now passed a bill stating that animals do not experience emotions, including the ability to feel pain.

Currently in the process of working on the EU withdrawal bill, the Conservative Party have decided to scrap the law which states that animals are sentient beings. Basically, all animals are deemed as unable to experience emotional attachment and pain, therefore being completely open to exploitation.

Currently, around 80% of animal welfare laws come from the European Union; how many more are going to be scrapped in light of the withdrawal? It can be argued that the EU were keeping Britain’s feet firmly on the ground in terms of animal welfare, yet with the country leaving, it seems those feet have been kicked from under us.

The Conservatives have replied to the backlash that this decision has unsurprisingly caused, stating that pets are still protected under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, yet where does this leave wild animals?

It seems that the Conservatives believe that animals do deserve rights, yet only if they are cute and fluffy and running around their tiny London town house garden.

Of course, with the new law stating that animals are just commodities and unable to experience pain, there will surely be animals treated much worse in new trade deals.

Think about it, if the Tories think that animals do not suffer, then surely they can be farmed quicker, kept in worse conditions and be killed in a less humane way.

Animals will be treated with much more cruelty and with no pain relief.

For example, if the UK want to trade with the US, who have considerably lower animal welfare standards when it comes to farming and slaughter houses, they can. They no longer have an article preventing them from doing this. Money, as it always does, will take priority.

The Prime Minister Theresa May is already on rocky ground after her promise of eventually reinstating fox hunting, she knows she needs to tread carefully, and has of course dismissed any notion of the Conservatives thinking animals cannot feel pain, promising that the party will ‘maintain and enhance’ animal welfare in post Brexit UK.

Still, the notion that more Conservatives believe animals cannot experience pain has clearly displayed that the vast majority have lost their marbles- and these are the people who run our country.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.