Home News Topshop and Topman have introduced gender neutral changing rooms

Topshop and Topman have introduced gender neutral changing rooms

Topshop and Topman have introduced gender neutral changing rooms

TopShop and their male branch TopMan have become one of the first clothing stores to introduce gender neutral changing rooms, basically, the changing facilities will be open to both men and women.

The fashion chain have commented on the topic this week, stating that the changing rooms are nothing new, but that they feel obliged to make the fact more widely acknowledged to the public, after a trans female was denied entry to the women’s changing rooms this week, and told to use the men’s.

The decision, as it always does, sparked outrage and uproar on twitter, with many people, mainly mothers, claiming that their children were now in danger due to the policy change, whilst also stating that they would never be returning to the clothing chain; ‘never again will I take my kids to your store. Never again will I give a child a TopShop voucher. Never again will I buy my husband a shirt from TopMan. This Christmas I’ll tell my friends and relatives, nothing from TopShop. Thanks’.

The apparent reason for people to be angered by the policy change is the safety of children, an opinion which has caused anger on social media, as the statement is clearly labelling trans people as dangerous sexual predators, with one woman claiming that her daughter will no longer use the chain.

Is everyone panicking a little too much?

I’ve been in TopShop changing rooms, there is no curtain, there is a door with a lock, surely this is privacy enough?

Other people seem to agree, welcoming Top Shop’s stance, maintaining the opinion that to be honest, it’s not really a big deal, is it.

People have commented that gender neutral changing rooms are a great idea, expressing their frustration at the fact that their partner, if they are of the opposite sex, is unable to come into the current changing rooms and give their opinions on what they are trying on.

Britain’s Next Top Model first transgender contestant has also commented on the heated topic; ‘you have got to think of people in the middle.  It’s sending out a positive message of acceptance’. Yet journalist India Willoughby has commented that the move is pandering to ‘gobby nonsense’, stating that TopShop will surely lose customers over the decision.

Good Morning Britain carried out a poll which does seem to echo the apparent anger on the issue, with 78% of people claiming that changing rooms should be separated for men and women, disagreeing with the notion of changing rooms for all, even though it’s simply a lot of private, locked, changing rooms.

So, what does everybody think of all this then? Are changing rooms for all a bad idea? Or do we simply need to recognise that the notion of changing rooms for all is simply not a big deal and should be just another factor or life, you are locked inside your own personal, private compartment, what’s the issue?

Feel free to discuss your ideas below and leave some feedback!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.