Home News TOFFEE: The new dating app exclusively for private school students

TOFFEE: The new dating app exclusively for private school students

TOFFEE: The new dating app exclusively for private school students

Watch your back Tinder, there’s a new dating app on the scene. Meet Toffee.

Meet toffee, the new dating app which resembles tinder in pretty much every way possible, albeit one feature: the app is exclusively for private school students or alumni.

By choosing to focus the app exclusively on this demographic, the app only offers profiles from the rather elite seven percent of the country.

This decision was mainly decided though research, according to Toffee.

Students at Wesley College and the University of Kansas have found that people from similar backgrounds seem to be drawn towards relationships with one another.

Further research has also indicated that if people have shared the same life experiences, such as private school- and probably a week in the Alps each year- they are more likely to both be attracted to each other and to find each other interesting.

According to the Evening Standard, Toffee is not the first elitist dating app, with certain apps such as Raya, a site that caters exclusively to Instagram famous people also being available.

However, there is something about Toffee which is making quite a few people online rather uneasy.

The app effectively speaks for the privilege of private school students, blocking them off from state school students and effectively encouraging them to mix within their own circles- a rather outdated, elitist and chilling sentiment.

When Toffee was questioned as to whether the app was snobby, they simply stated that they are connecting people from similar backgrounds.

Co-founder, Lydia Davis stated that the app is ‘about bringing people together who are compatible and have lots in common. It’s about more single people in London getting together and sticking together.’

Yet, there is still an elitist whiff about this whole idea.

This whiff turns into a stench when Davis states that it will be pretty hard to lie about your private school background, explaining that if any member seems questionable (judging at face value there-great), then usually a background check will occur.

Twitter went into a bit of a frenzy upon hearing news of the app launch, questioning why people from elite circles seem to appear so uncomfortable with people from a different background.

Don’t even think about downloading the app just for fun either. While Tinder is completely free, Toffee costs a whopping £4.99 to download from the app store, whilst membership comes in at £5 a month.

If you do sign up, you will be questioned on what sports you like, your favourite places to eat and shop in London and how you divide your time between the city and the country.

Despite all the backlash, Davis has insisted that the app is a perfectly normal appearance, placing it in the pile with all the other niche dating apps, ranging from apps specifically for Trump supporters through to apps for people in uniform.

What do you make of it all?

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.