Home News Theresa May vows to make it ‘easy’ for EU citizens to remain in UK

Theresa May vows to make it ‘easy’ for EU citizens to remain in UK

Theresa May vows to make it ‘easy’ for EU citizens to remain in UK

May has claimed that Brexit negotiations are in ‘touching distance’ of the government, promising to EU citizens that it will be easy and relatively stress free for them to remain, as well as being of low cost.

However, European Union group; ‘the 3 million’ claim that May’s claims are outstretched and over exaggerated, as Brexit negotiations are just at the start, as well as being a little bit on the messy side.

Co-founder Nicolas Hatton commented this week; ‘we are barely out of the starting blocks’, whilst stressing that for Theresa May to be making claims already, she is either lying, or the process is being far too rushed.

Still, before leaving for her Brussels address, May made sure to post on her Facebook account that EU citizens living in the UK have not been forgotten, addressing a new plan for a ‘streamlined’ digital service which will be used to filter and sort applicants for the UK.

These comments come in light of the October summit, which will be taking place this week, a gathering where 27 heads of government can have the option to declare that they are ‘satisfied’ with the Brexit negotiations. This way, things can move onto trade.

However, according to the BBC, it has been perfectly clear for months that this will not happen yet, with the EU and Britain clashing over factors such as border control, Ireland and EU citizen rights.

Theresa will address fellow leaders at a meal today, where she is expected to ask for ‘mutual dialogue’ between herself and the EU, concerning trade and defence.

There is the expectation that Mr Tusk will refuse to involve the UK, only starting negotiations when they leave in early 2019, cutting off any chance of open dialogue.

May has been urged by fellow Conservative MPs to walk out of the EU summit today if she is refused open dialogue with the rest of the 27 leaders.

Alongside all this uncertainty, there is also the matter of money, with Brexit fuelled by this so called financial settlement, as well as uncertainty facing UK companies whose main employment is that of EU citizens.

The CIF, (Creative Industries Federation) have claimed this week that the staggering amount of nearly £90 billion that is made by UK films, adverts, music and video games could also be thrown into balance if immigration is restricted, due to the vast number of short-term projects headed by EU workers.

All in all, negotiations now can be called nothing short of messy, as May is set to make her speech tonight.

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