Home News Theresa May handed P45 by comedian during her speech

Theresa May handed P45 by comedian during her speech

Theresa May handed P45 by comedian during her speech

From a severe coughing fit through to parts of the sign falling off behind her, Theresa May’s conference speech was eventual to say the least, and was topped off by comedian and prankster Simon Brodkin handing her a P45 notice from the crowd below.

Simon Brodkin, acclaimed prankster as well as comedian, posing under the name of Lee Nelson, is in no way new to disrupting key events such as these. So far he has managed to get on stage during a boy band X Factor performance, actually managing to sing for around one minute before anyone spotted him, a perfect example of the generic nature of boy bands.

He has also managed to get into a Fifa address where he showered Sepp Blatter with cash whilst also managing to ‘accidentally’ drop a large pack of red golf balls in front of Trump as he made his address concerning the opening of his Scottish golf course-the golf balls being adorned in swastikas of course.

However, this could be his boldest move to date, as he actually managed to get in through the military, airport style security system in Manchester, posing as a photographer, and sit himself down front row, right by Theresa May.

So, what exactly is a P45?

A P45 sheet is provided for a person who is leaving a job, it details all the tax that they have paid from their salary so far in the tax year, it is compulsory for an employer to provide one and the worker does have the right to request one if one is not brought forth.

Basically, Brodkin was handing Theresa May the P45 as an indirect way of calling for her to lose her job, what makes the prank even more elaborate is that Brodkin, upon giving the form to a perplexed May, states ‘Boris told me to give this to you.’ Brilliant.

Brodkin then, whilst being escorted out of the building to the muffled Tory ‘boos’, managed to stop in front of Boris Johnson for a quick confirmation that he had handed the form to May.

Brodkin also remarked to the journalists around him that Boris had instructed him to give May the form.

The P45 ‘reasons for termination’ were cited as ‘NEITHER STRONG NOR STABLE’ ‘WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT JEZZA’.

Brodkin was arrested yet was later released with no charges, this is because he did have a credited allowance for attending the event, he was security checked and passed through into the conference as everyone believed he was a journalist. Therefore, attention has been called to the flaws in the security system surrounding the Prime Minister.

Despite the breach in security, the prank was neither dangerous or outrageous, but a cleverly put together, snide remark at the current government.

It was also the cherry on the cake for an already flustered Theresa May, who after putting the P45 firmly on the floor, was then seen to go into a coughing fit, be handed a lozenge from the crowd below and stand in silence at the end whilst letters dropped off the sign, which eventually read ‘Building a country that works or everyon’.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.