Home News A staggering trade of fake University degrees have been revealed this week

A staggering trade of fake University degrees have been revealed this week

A staggering trade of fake University degrees have been revealed this week

“It’s unfathomable these websites still exist and they can’t be shut down.”

It has been revealed this week that thousands of British people have purchased fake degrees from an online site called ‘Diploma Mill‘ based in Pakistan.

You can get yourself any degrees ranging from consulting through to contracting.

Information has been revealed that one UK buyer spent around £50,000 acquiring their degrees.

Diploma Bill have set up a wide ranging selection of online university sites; all run by Karachi call centres based in Pakistan.

The universities have names such as Brooklyn Park University and feature multiple images of smiling students or graduates being handed their degrees.

The fake degrees are labelled as Axact qualifications, they were sold to UK citizens in 2013-1014, meaning that people in possession of them have been utilising them throughout workplaces for the past several years.

After a BBC investigation, the lists of ‘graduates’ who had purchased the degrees were exposed, revealing people in occupations such as nurses, psychologists and even an anaesthetist!

According to a Higher Education Data Check, only 20% of employers actually check the validity of their employee’s degrees.

However, whilst purchasing a fake degree is not actually illegal in the UK, the act of using one to gain an occupation can be noted as fraud and can land you up to ten years in prison.

In 2015 alone, Axact sold around 215,000 degrees all across the world, using around 350 fake universities and making £37.5 million in one year!

A former FBI agent has commented on the epidemic, stating that we live in a credential based society, meaning that as long as you have something on paper, then there is little to argue, ’employers are not doing their due diligence in checking out papers’.

The process for acquiring a fake degree simply involves a time span of thirty days, no exams and of course, a considerable lump sum of money.

It has now been revealed that the extensive net work is reaching around 240 countries worldwide, meaning that these countries are now applicable for the qualifications.

In 2015, the chief manager of Axact was arrested and sentenced for fraud, however despite their top in command still serving their prison sentence, BBC have revealed that Axact are still circulating and selling degrees!

The BBC have also stated that the fake degree companies are also branching into extortion and blackmail, calling up their customers and demanding additional information in order to apparently prevent authorities becoming involved.

A British engineer based in Saudi Arabia has told BBC before his death that he was still receiving threatening calls off the company for his acquired degree, despite already paying them a staggering £500,000.

Despite prosecutions being passed, the investigations have been dropped in many areas due to the interference of the British government in the affairs of business in Pakistan.

Even Action Fraud, the UK leading authority into investigation into fraud has stated that they are not in possession of the ability to shut down the sites, they can simply report them and wait for further action.

These sites are still functioning, meaning that people can still grab these degrees, and possibly receive threatening calls even after their purchase, let alone the fact that they can also operate in occupations which they actually have little qualification for.

Axact declined any interviews with the BBC.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.