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Major universities boycott National Student Survey

Major universities boycott National Student Survey

This week students all across the country have demonstrated their anger over rising tuition fees by refusing to take part in the National Student Survey.

Although the vast majority of students that did fill in the survey responded positively, there was a marked fall in participation, as 12,000 students refused to take part.

The Independent have also revealed that around one third of students asked to complete the survey declined, whilst major, top universities such as Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford and Sheffield, declined to take part all together.

Overall, 12 universities omitted themselves from the survey, with less than 50 % of final year graduates completing it.

The overall response rate has also fallen from 72 per cent down to 68 per cent.

These numbers come in the wake of the National Union of Students staging a boycott of the survey, with 25 student unions being involved.

The boycott was organised after it was discovered that the results of the National Student Survey will be used to measure teaching excellence, a factor that if considerably positive- may allow the government to raise tuition fees for that university.

This decision has sparked outrage throughout the Union of Students, as it represents an opinion that the best universities must only be made attainable for the most privileged.

It is believed that the boycott will have an effect on results, as Sally Hunt, secretary of the University Union has commented that the ‘sabotage’ will complicate results, with students rumoured to be marking low on all options before returning the survey.

Hunt also comments that if the government wants to improve university satisfaction, then they should simply ‘abandon the flawed metrics of the teaching excellence framework’ and work on easing the anger felt by thousands of students across the country.

Although the results were still published, with St. Andrews’ University scoring top for satisfaction, the survey boycott has brought to attention the fact that students around the country are still angry.


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.