Home News A London tube station is overrun by cats

A London tube station is overrun by cats

A London tube station is overrun by cats

The people have spoken; Clapham Common tube station has undergone a transformation as commercial adverts have been swapped for photos of cats.

The Citizens Advertisement Takeover Service (CATS) managed to raise £23,000 to fund the project, with over 700 people helping to raise the money.

The station features photos of stray cats from rescue charities Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Cats protection.

clapham tube station

CATS said that the aim is to create a “relaxing, fun and light-hearted” space, free from commercial adverts. Over 68 advertisements have been replaced and are planned to be up for two weeks in total.

London commuters have most definitely been stunned by the feline takeover and it’s attracted a lot of media attention. Above all, the campaign demonstrates that when enough citizens come together, it is easy for change to come about.

Although putting up photos of cats in a tube station is not exactly revolutionary, this small act is a blueprint for being transferred into something large scale.

With all the troubles at the moment in the world, this small act shows that normal citizens really do have the chance to change things, whether it be regarding politics, wars, or other injustices in the world.

Clapham Common tube station

The relaxing feeling that comes with looking at photos of cute animals juxtaposes the advertisements from companies that constantly leave us feeling like we need more in our life.

With London commuters generally preoccupied with their own troubles and worries, the cats have helped bring a sense of community among people. This takeover brings to light how many of us may not realise that we are subconsciously reading advertisements and consequently persuaded into buying things.

The staring eyes of the cats force citizens to stop what they’re doing and look up. In this age where electronics play a large factor in distracting us from everyday life, the takeover helps bring a light-hearted atmosphere to the tube station and provides a temporary escape from the busy lives of London commuters.

There are already talks of being a similar takeover with photos of dogs.

The success of this campaign has therefore proved as a motivator for more projects that challenge the typical aesthetic of cities that we are used to.

Holly Smith Editor