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Liberal Democrats Manifesto Summary

Liberal Democrats Manifesto Summary

The Liberal Democrats have released their manifesto which focuses on the benefits of remaining in the EU. Here is a breakdown of their election promises on key issues :


The Liberal Democrats believe that Britain is stronger as a member of the European Union. They condone the Conservatives’ approach for a hard Brexit as they say that the British people were not given the choice as to what kind of Brexit they wanted. Instead, they want to hold another referendum when the results of the Brexit deal have been negotiated, giving the British people the option to select to remain in the EU.


Their manifesto states the Lib Dems will reverse the cuts on school and college budgets, instead investing an extra £7 billion. They state they will scrap the planned expansions for grammar schools and instead will set up new school spaces where they are most in need. Also, they want to make sure the poorest students at university are reinstated maintenance grants and aim to review higher education finance to consider any reforms that are necessary.



The Lib Dems want to raise income tax by 1p to raise £6 billion which will be spent on NHS and social care services. They say they will protect the rights of NHS staff by ending the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers and reinstating student nurse bursaries. Also, they want to ensure access to GP’s is made easier by expanding opening hours and encouraging phone and skype appointments. They also say they will make waiting times for mental health care match those for physical health care.


The Economy

They state they will stablise the economy by investing in people and infrastructure that will create jobs and improve key public services. The Lib Dems also want to support small businesses by offering them more support, both financially and by mentoring. They acknowledge that prosperity is unevenly spread across the UK and as a result want to especially invest in infrastructure projects across the North and the Midlands.



The Lib Dems aim to reduce intolerance in Britain, including antisemitism and hate crimes by working alongside organisations such as as Show Racism The Red Card. They state they will guarantee people the freedom to wear religious or cultural dress and tackle the growing Islamophobic hate crime. They also oppose any attempt to withdraw from the ECHR or watering down of the Human Rights Act.

Holly Smith Editor