Home News Legendary student sets up GoFundMe to raise money for the sesh

Legendary student sets up GoFundMe to raise money for the sesh

Legendary student sets up GoFundMe to raise money for the sesh

First year student Hugh Fergusson (at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirenchester) has had a GoFundMe page set up in his honour to try and get ‘back on the sesh’. Hugh’s right-hand man, Hamish, set up the page after discovering that Hugh had blown all his funds on ‘pints and shooting trips to St Andrews’. Relatable.

After a string of sordid nights out and pilgrimages to Seshlehem, Hugh was left with a measly 17p in his bank, forcing noble pals to shout him for nights out in a desperate ploy to get their beloved friend back on the bevs.

Surprisingly, Hamish’s page has already raised over half its £250 target, with the current balance standing at £130.

Hugh has cemented his status as a 9-5 legend by explaining that his best kind of sesh includes ‘not remembering anything from the night before’ with musical accompaniment including the likes of renowned banger ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ by Sophie Ellis Bextor.

However, Hugh and Hamish are not alone in this endeavour. Students across the UK are increasingly taking to GoFundMe as a means of fuelling their alcoholism time at university.

In 2016, Aimee Janina Spragg and Will Redpath from Bristol set up a GoFundMe to visit their third musketeer, Ross Martin, a Graphic Communication’s Fresher at Cardiff. The duo explained that their Tesco/Co-op jobs were not lucrative enough to fund a trip to Wales’ capital, so tugged on the public’s heartstrings in a desperate attempt to reunite the trio. Aimee and Will even planned a series of torturous videos to encourage donations, with tasks including the Cinnamon challenge, Ice Bucket challenge and eating raw onion.

It seems that students have inspired a trend as Nathan, a 24 year old unemployed bachelor from Middlesbrough, also took to the website to raise a whopping £1,000 for the ‘party of a lifetime’. The page states ‘my name is Nathan Richo and I fancy getting absolutely plastered’. Don’t we all, Nathan. Don’t we all. Nathan promised that if he hit the target he would share his winnings by buying a few pints for the lads, although did emphasise that anything less than the 1k target would barely last him half a day. Same.

Nathan stated that he did think it was ridiculous that he was asking people to fund his sesh rather than say, someone going to uni or curing cancer (menial causes tbh). However, after discovering that a sex worker had set up a GoFundMe page to pay for trips to London to visit clients, Nathan felt he was fully justified in his cause.

At present, Hugh’s page is the only one to have received actual hard cash although the plight for Nathan continues. #JusticeForNathan


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