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Guide to the Conservative Party

Guide to the Conservative Party

As the current governing party in Britain, Theresa May is defending the Conservative majority in the upcoming general election, and recently launched their manifesto.

Titled ‘Forward,Together: Our plan for a stronger Britain and a prosperous future’, Student Life Guide sets out below the key Conservative policies you need to know about.

The manifesto says that Britain faces “five giant challenges”: the need for a strong economy, Brexit and a changing world, enduring social divisions, an ageing society and fast-changing technology.


The Tories are pledging to balance the budget by 2025 and to increase the National Living Wage to 60% of median earnings by 2020, to ensure a stronger economy that works for everyone. Other notable policies include a National Productivity Investment Fund and investing in travel to reduce travel time and cost.

Health and Education

In terms of health and social care policies, the most important is the policy that the NHS will get an extra £8 billion over the next five years, and that the elderly who have assets of more than £100,000 would have to pay for their social care costs but can defer payment until after their death. The value of one’s property is included in this calculation.

Free school lunches for infants in England will be scrapped and instead replaced with free breakfasts. The party also pledges for 100 new free schools a year and says that no school will have its budget cut as a result of the new funding formula.


There will be a vote in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords on the final agreement for Brexit, and Britain will remain part of the European Convention on Human Rights for the next parliament. Britain will exit the European single market and customs union.

Crime and punishment

Child victims and victims of sexual violence will be able to be cross-examined before their trial, rather than having to appear in court. The role of an independent public advocate will be introduced, who will represent bereaved families after a public disaster such as Hillsborough. Over £1 billion will be invested to modernise the prison estate.

Holly Smith Editor