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Graduate jobs to diminish after 2018

Graduate jobs to diminish after 2018

According to The Tab, a recent report shows that graduate jobs will diminish after 2018, thanks to Brexit. 

Those currently in first and second year will be hit the most when they graduate, as experts warn that leaving the EU will reduce the number of jobs in the UK.

The Tab spoke to Charlie Ball, Head of Higher Education, who said “The areas which will be worst affected are Research and Development, because there will be less international access, and the Public Sector – there is a shortage of nurses and teachers, nonetheless it will be a question of what the public purse can afford. And Brexit will mean huge question marks over that funding. Financial Services will also be among the hardest hit, as many banking and consultancy jobs will move abroad.” If this is the case, it may be useful to start learning that european language you always said you’d try.

However, current final years are in the best position as this year’s job market is in a relatively good shape. Only 5.7% of 2016 graduates are not in employment, which is down considerably from previous years.


Unfortunately, this does mean that the pressure is on for those graduating this July. If you’re planning to take a year out of education, then you may want to postpone your plans for another year or two, while you secure a place in the job market.

Getting a job after university is hard, especially as thousands of graduates actually end up working in non-graduate roles. The main advice is to start planning early, attend careers fairs, note down graduate scheme deadlines, and make sure your CV is as good as you can get it – whether that be through volunteering or part-time work.

Determination is key when applying for numerous posts over many long months, but even though it is not shared often, it takes many students several months to find their perfect job in which they are able to use the skills gained at university.

For those in final year, get started on your applications now. For those at the start of your degree, I’m sorry. Blame David Cameron.

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Holly Smith Editor