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Everything that has become more expensive since Brexit

Everything that has become more expensive since Brexit

Brexiteers assured us that the threats to the economy which we were warned about before 23 June were all part of ‘Project Fear’, but unfortunately they have been proven wrong. Some beloved things many of us adore have been impacted by the leave vote, here are the main ones:

 1) Marmite:

Unilever have increased the prices on their products by 5.7% on average. Buying a jar of Marmite is now 12.3% more expensive in supermarkets, so start spreading yours a little bit thinner.

2) Apple Laptops:

The price for the most basic macbook is up £100 due to the low exchange rate between US dollars and the UK pound. The rest of their laptops have also seen an increase in price due to Brexit.

3) Mr Kipling’s cakes:


Although not yet confirmed, with butter prices up 80% and sugar up 20%, the company have indicated they will be increasing their prices. So fill your cupboards while you still can.

4) Toblerone:


Possibly the most talked about increase, Toblerone are keeping their cost the same by making their bars with the signature triangles further apart, meaning more air and less chocolate.

5) Wine:

Arguably the most worrying, wine is set to become more expensive. Due to the UK importing nearly all our wine, each bottle may be up 29p. However, this is due to set in after the festive period, so this Christmas may be the booziest one we’ve ever seen.

6) Walkers crisps:


Each packet is expected to increase by 5p, even though the potatoes used are British. The price change is said to be due to the rise of costs of other products used.

7) Maltesers:


Chocolate lovers everywhere are crying as the weight of a packet will now decrease by 18g, which means due to Brexit there will be less Maltesers in a bag but for the same price.

8) Typhoo tea:


The company explained the cost of importing tea is up by 50%, so the price could see a large increase in the next few months, you know things are bad in the UK when our tea is threatened.

9) Fish fingers:


Birds Eye have said they may need to increase the price of their fish fingers by 5% due to import prices.

10) Holidays:


We all need a break away from university, whether it is paid for by Mum and Dad or a break exploring a European city. However, prices have hiked with a two week family break in France now setting you back £395 more than it would have before the vote. Another family trip to Scarborough it is then, thanks Brexit.

Holly Smith Editor