Home News Having a look back at past Christmas number ones as Ed Sheeran moves into first place

Having a look back at past Christmas number ones as Ed Sheeran moves into first place

Having a look back at past Christmas number ones as Ed Sheeran moves into first place

“I’m very proud and happy, thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year.”

It is official, Ed Sheeran has bagged the number one Christmas spot this year with his debut single, a duet with Beyonce, slipping into the number one slot this morning.

With over 45,000 sales and six million streams, Ed’s move into number one, with his single ‘Perfect‘going head to head with Eminem’s much anticipated release and of course the Christmas songs, signifies the intense and rather stressful competition which occurs around Christmas time, as artists famously strive towards that number one slot.

In a recent interview, Ed has dubbed the number one win as a ‘dream come true’, with Beyonce’s presence on ‘Perfect’ working to drive up sales massively, meaning the song fell perfectly into first place this morning.

As always however, the Christmas number one was not achieved without a little bit of controversy, as devoted George Michael fans were keen this year to get ‘Last Christmas’ to number one, in order to honour the star’s recent death. #TeamGeorge was spotted trending on twitter, in order to get people to rally and cause the song to rise in the charts.

Alas, Last Christmas fell in at number three, still an impressive feat by George fans, whilst Eminem came in at number two.

Of course, Christmas songs have made their traditional return to the charts this year, with 16 of them currently sitting in the top 40, whilst spotify have been revealing this week their most played tracks, Maria Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ being the most played spotify song of December, whilst 13% of all music played in December on the sight is Christmas themed!

Looking into the history of ‘The Christmas Number One Race’, it is of course obvious that there has always been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding the race.

Before services such as Spotify and YouTube, the place to check out the number one Christmas single was Top of the Pops, with 20 million people tuning in to check out what was number one each year at Christmas!

For years, the winner of X Factor seemed to dominate the whole affair, with ‘stars’ such as Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry gracing the number one slot each year, much to the annoyance of a large proportion of the UK population.

In 2009, the public displayed their annoyance by voting American punk band- Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name Of’, which soared to number one through an online campaign, a track exploring the capitalist, consumerist nature of the modern day, how ironic hey?

Basically, you can’t really bag a number one today without people stating that it’s simply not fair, but hey, music taste is subjective, and I guess a lot of people just really like Ed.

Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.