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A trip of a lifetime: The Homiemoon

A trip of a lifetime: The Homiemoon

While all of their mates were off getting engaged, saying I do and having babies these two best friends started to feel a little left out and took matters into their own hands…

And then there were two…

Matias Meneses and Pete Podrid have been best pals for 15 years and according to Buzzfeed were voted “best friends” in High School along with their third pal. However, when that third pal recently got down on one knee and popped the question to his partner Meneses and Podrid started feeling a little left out of all the exciting things that come with married life. Mainly, the trip of a lifetime – the honeymoon.

So what did they do? The two American men took themselves off on their own trip of a lifetime to Thailand on what they have dubbed their “homiemoon”.

While everyone else is getting married and having babies, my best friend and I had our own homiemoon in Thailand

Follow me to… mud baths with elephants?

Their well-documented adventure took them everywhere from Tonsai beach, to markets in Chaing Mai to mud baths with elephants.

The funniest thing about their homiemoon was that Meneses decided to document their trip of a lifetime in the style of the follow me to Instagram trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Copying the likes of Murad and Nataly Osmann of @followmeto on Instagram, in the pictures Podrid is seen holding Meneses’ hand leading him to stunning temples, breathtaking beaches and through bustling markets.

Meneses told Buzzfeed: “The ‘follow me’ pic always seems like the overly dramatic relationship goal.

I thought it would be funny with burley Pete instead of some petite gorgeous woman.

If you know Pete, it makes it that much more hilarious.”

Internet gold

When he returned Meneses uploaded the pictures of their homiemoon to Imgur and the internet hasn’t stopped talking about them since.

There may be a few confused onlookers in the background of the pictures (see: the man on the right-hand side of the elephant snap) but they are internet gold and unsurprisingly went viral pretty quickly.

Speaking about the success of his comical snaps Meneses told Buzzfeed: “I honestly didn’t think it would go viral. It’s kind of exciting and unnerving at the same time.”

While mate Podrid was just happy to be there: “This was big and I’m so proud and stoked to be a part of it.”


Writing on Imgur Meneses thanked everyone for the positive feedback on his snaps, reminding them Podrid is a “burley, hilarious, large orange bearded, kind dude” adding to the hilarity of it all.

Meneses added: “Finally, the 15 years of friendship has paid off.”

They truly are best friend goals if we ever saw them.

So, when the time comes and all of your pals are off saying I do and having babies and you feel like you should still be in uni going out on weeknights, don’t fret. Take a leaf from Meneses and Podrid’s book and round up your best single pals for your very own homiemoon.

Holly Smith Editor