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6 Of The Craziest Drinking Games You Don’t Know About

6 Of The Craziest Drinking Games You Don’t Know About

What would university be without some good old fashioned drinking games? Boring – that’s what! Still, the tried and tested games can get a little old from time to time. If you want to try something completely new, we might have just the thing for you. Here are six of the craziest drinking games you haven’t even heard of.


1. Most likely

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This is a bit like ‘Never have I ever…’ only a whole lot more fun. Basically, you start with a question, such as “Who is most likely to fail this term?” Everyone has to point at the person who they think would do that. You have to take a shot for each person who points at you!


2. Sip, sip, shot!

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This is a grown up version of everyone’s favourite game – duck, duck, goose. You sit in a circle as you normally would. One person goes around saying ‘sip’ or ‘shot.’ If someone says ‘shot’ to you, you have to try to tag them before they sit down. If you succeed, you become the game master. If you don’t, it’s time to take a shot.


3. I’m going to the bar…

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This is a fun memory game that can get you super drunk. The more you drink, the harder it gets. One person starts by saying, “I’m going to the bar and I’m getting a beer..” The next person has to say the same, but add a drink to the list. You keep going in this way until someone gets a drink wrong. Then that person has to take a shot!


4. Would I lie to you?

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Everyone knows the famous TV show, so why not make it into a drinking game? All you have to do is make up a lie (or tell the truth) and share it with the group. If they can figure out whether you’re lying or not, you take a shot. If you fool everyone, though, they have to do shots.


5. Attached at the hip

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Want to stay with the same person all night long? No? Well, you actually don’t have a choice. In this game, you have to break off into pairs and stay touching in some way all night. You could hold hands, link arms or do anything. If you break contact, you have to drink.


6. Treat!

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Gather all your friends in the kitchen for this game. You each role a die in turn. When it’s your turn, your friends make a ‘treat’ for you from the kitchen. The number you roll dictates how many things they can put in the treat. For example, if you roll three, they can mix three ingredients together to make it. If you can stomach the snack, everyone else has to drink. If you can’t, you have to drink! Yikes.

Holly Smith Editor