Home News 4 Of The Weirdest Excuses Lecturers Have Heard From Their Students

4 Of The Weirdest Excuses Lecturers Have Heard From Their Students

4 Of The Weirdest Excuses Lecturers Have Heard From Their Students

Getting an extension on an assignment or test is every student’s dream. Honestly, most of us would do pretty much anything to get just a few extra days to make sure that we at least scrape a pass on that all-important part of the course. While it’s hard to get a lecturer to agree that you do really need some extra time, it never hurts to try. Here are some of the weirdest excuses that lecturers have ever heard from their students.


1. The bee infestation lie


According to a lecturer from Swinburne University, this is a real excuse that someone gave. They said that there was a bee infestation in their home and so they could not possibly come to class to give their final presentation. 

When the lecturer asked for pictures (because ‘pics or it didn’t happen’), the student didn’t have any at all. Luckily, in this case, the kind lecturer decided to give the guy another chance anyway. After all, it was one of the best excuses he’d heard in a long time.


2. The ‘wrong bus’ lie


This has to be quite a common one. When one girl told her tutor that she’d got on the wrong bus, she thought that she had the perfect excuse. After all, she was pretty ditzy and it was a believable lie. There was just one problem – her tutor had been on the same bus as her. In fact, he had sat behind her the entire way to the university campus. Whoops.


3. The mysterious needle


If this one is a lie, it is certainly a very creative one. One lecturer had a student who told him that he’d woken up in the middle of the road with a needle lying next to him. He claimed that he had absolutely no recollection of what had happened to him. Once he’d regained consciousness, though, he went to the A&E to check it out. Um… okay!


4. The Red Bull bender


Finally, there’s this excuse, which could quite easily be true. One lecturer claims that a male student said he couldn’t make class because he had started getting chest pains after having too much Red Bull. Apparently, the guy thought that he may be having a heart attack and passed out from it all.

A little later, the lecturer heard some other guys talking about this particular student – it was clear that he had a party animal rep. The fact is he was probably having vodka with his Red Bull, not pulling an all-nighter to study.

Holly Smith Editor