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Manchester’s Norther Quarter: The Heart of Live Music

Manchester’s Norther Quarter: The Heart of Live Music

When it comes to championing new, up and coming music, Manchester can be styled as the key musical city. Now the bustling Northern Quarter district is offering a vibrant and exciting collection of weekly open mic events. These nights have been dubbed as serious and devoted events for music with artists sitting on waiting lists in order to get a slot.

Here’s a list of the key bars hosting these musical evenings.

The Whisky Jar, every Tuesday from 8pm

The Whisky Jar offers a serious and dedicated evening to live acts, with fairy lights adorning the back of the make shift stage, the experience can be both cosy and comforting, with audience members often joining in during songs. Add into this mix a wide selection of cocktails, all, I might add, containing whisky, and the result is a relaxing evening listening to talented live acts.

Cane and Grain, every Sunday from 8pm

The Cane and Grain open mic night is the most fun one to find, as its set up as a sort of speak easy bar, through a hidden door disguised within the wall. Up the stairs takes you into a small bar with a make shift stage set up in the corner. Iced water with cucumber is free, or you can splash out on the small selection of cocktails served at the little bar. The atmosphere is often very calming, with low lighting and a small number of musical acts.

Stage and Radio, every Wednesday from 8pm

Stage and Radio is located on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter, where it feels as if the district drops off into nothing. Squeezed in next to a car park, this is a bar that although seems hidden, is always busy. It has a very 1920s feel and vibe to it, with big stately windows that are usually opened wide during the summer. Live music acts play acoustic sets here, to people listening from both inside and out of the bar. This is a great place for summer evenings, as the bar serves a wide variety of cocktails.

Chop House, every Monday from 8pm

Although actually located in Albert’s Square, The Chop House still holds all the attributes associated with the Northern Quarter music scene. It’s actually a thriving restaurant, yet in the evening it is transformed into an intimate music evening, hosting live acoustic acts, from solo singers through to bands and percussive arrangements. The bar actually carries on serving small snack plates throughout the evening if you get peckish during the proceedings.



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