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Your guide to a budget student Halloween party

Your guide to a budget student Halloween party

It’s nearly time for Halloween!

Although the norm for many is heading off to a spooky club on this fateful night, if you are up for hosting your own drinks beforehand, or a whole party altogether, then these tips are bound to go down swimmingly with your student pals; from themed cocktails through to D.I.Y decorations, this guide brings it back to the retro style of parties, except the lemonade is now probably vodka.


D.I.Y Spooky Cookie Jar
This is great for placing in the middle of all the drinks for people to satisfy their sweet tooth on all night. Fill a large glass jar with smashed up chocolate cake for soil, some white chocolate bones, you can usually get these from supermarkets around this time of year, cookies that you can decorate to look like gravestones and green icing for grass.

Pumpkin Passion Cupcakes
These cupcakes embrace the pumpkin spiced taste of autumn and are great to have out on the side when people need a nibble with the bloody cocktails.


The Poisoned Apple
2 ounces apple cider

1 ounce pomegranate juice
2 ounces tequila

You can put these in any glass you would like of course, but heavy set beer glasses work well with his, fill them up with the ingredients and give them a good stir. There is also the advice of adding a cube of dry ice to the drink in order to make it smoke like a cauldron, but of course if you have not access to this, understandably, then adding similarly peculiar ingredients could work. Try dropping in some edible glitter, you can find this in the baking section in most supermarkets now, to give it an eerie glitter.

A Devil Margarita

Lime juice
Red wine

These drinks are bound to wow everyone! After combining the normal measurements for a margarita, place a tea spoon on the surface and slowly pour red wine over the back of it, this will make sure that the red wine sits perfectly on top of the drink, creating a sharp contrast and looking great! Again any kind of glitter sprinkled on the top will add to the effect!

Blood Orange Sangria
6 blood oranges
2 bottles of white wine
1 sparkling water
1/2 cup brandy
12 ounces of strawberries, sliced
1 pint of raspberries
1 apple, chopped
1/2 cup sugar, for glass rimming

This is for when you would like to make a massive punch bowl or large jug for everyone to have at the party. Cut six large blood oranges into segments and place them into the container. Then add two whole bottles of wine, one bottle of sparkling water, half a cup of brandy then lots and lots of strawberries, apples and raspberries! For the glasses, dip them in lime juice and then into sugar to rim the top of them, then place them next to the large punch bowl.

Black Magic Cocktail
1.5 oz Black Vodka
1.5 oz Cherry Juice
1 oz Orange Juice
0.5 oz Maraschino Cherry Syrup
White edible glitter
This one is definitely on the fancy side! You will need black vodka, which can only really be found online, after my extensive googling, and cherry juice. Add some orange juice into the mix and also some cherry syrup, if you can find some! Topping off with white edible glitter and ice, this cocktail really is stunning and reminds me of a night sky. Give it a go if you can.


Spooky Candles
Delve into your recycling and get some old wine bottles, before placing long candles, which again you can usually get from supermarkets, in the top of them. The wax drips down the bottle and really creates an eerie finish.

Carved pumpkins
I know for a fact that these are in Sainsburys right now at a very affordable price… This can be a great way to get the flat all together, maybe have a pumpkin carving competition, then display them all over the house for a spooky feel at the party. If you don’t really want to be lighting tea lights inside of them, you can always drop in battery powered fairy lights or candles.

Hit up the supermarkets

There will be lots of discounted items closer to Halloween, so make sure you get them before everyone else does so that you can get your outfit perfected and perfectly terrifying.

Fairy lights
eBay have fairy lights, usually battery powered in a wide variety of colours, and many are under £2, getting some orange or green ones will fit in well with the decorations.

Bloody hand prints
You can make lots of these and plaster them all over the house, they are safe if done properly and will last so that they can be taken out again next year for more fun.


Apple Bobbing (of course)

I know this is a little young for students, but if you throw alcohol into the mix of things, and you have people trying desperately to pick up floating apples with their mouths only, you can see my point can’t you? That’s funny!

Beer pong

Beer pong, but with a difference! Add some red grenadine or red food colouring to the drinks in the beer cups, to make the illusion that people are drinking blood.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.