Home Lifestyle You must do these 10 things before leaving your student house this Christmas:

You must do these 10 things before leaving your student house this Christmas:

You must do these 10 things before leaving your student house this Christmas:

#1 Empty your fridge

Make sure that you remove all perishable items from your fridge, such as milk, yogurt, eggs or ready meals. If you feel like it, maybe give the fridge a wipe down, you need to prevent any food from being left there for a considerable amount of time, no one wants to come home to a smelly fridge in the new year.

#2 Remove or dry all damp towels

Try to completely avoid leaving any damp towels in the house/flat, as they can contribute to damp. Either get them washed and stored away, or simply take them back home with you to wash and dry, don’t leave them there!

#3 Turn off all plugs at the wall and all lights

This one is pretty evident, but quite easy to forget. Make sure that you have turned off all lights, as well as all electrical appliances off at the wall.

#4 Keep doors open between rooms, air can circulate and rooms will not get stuffy

This is definitely worth doing in a small flat, as the air can circulate much better, however, there is of course a risk surrounding safety with this, so only do it if you feel comfortable with leaving the doors open.

#5 Close and lock all windows

Shut all windows, making sure to lock them if they have a key as well.

#6 Empty dishwasher and leave open, alternatively, make sure all washing up is done

Make sure that you get all your washing up done before you leave, that way you won’t have masses of dirty plates and rotting food everywhere when you come back in January, yuck.

If you have a dishwasher, then put this one. When it’s finished, empty it and leave the door open, it may be worth getting some dishwasher salts, they’re really cheap and can really help to clean your dishwasher thoroughly, avoiding that smell…

#7 Turn your water heater down

Might be worth chatting to your land lord about this, depends who sets the heating you see! But if you are in control, then it might be a great idea to turn your heating down to a constant, don’t turn it off completely, because you could risk the pipes freezing, especially in the winter.

#8 Check those leaky taps!

The last thing you need is a leaking tap, especially as all that wasted water can really add up. Therefore, make sure that you do a final check before you leave, tightening all the taps to ensure they don’t start leaking away!

#9 Drop some toilet cleaner down the toilet to keep everything fresh

To avoid a smelly toilet, drop some toilet cleaner in and all around the bowl before you leave, this will leave the bath rooms smelling fresh and also stop any damp smells from intruding! It will also help to prevent a ring appearing in your toilet from the chain not being flushed regularly.

#10 Do one last check- remember to lock the door!

Yes, this one sounds silly, but remember to lock the door. Might be a good idea to really push on it, just to reassure yourself. For example, if you suddenly think ‘did I lock the door?!’ you can just think of yourself enthusiastically pushing on it and it not budging You’re welcome.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.