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The Worst Student House Fails

The Worst Student House Fails

We thought we would run through the worst student house fails to date, in celebration of students starting the house search this October.

Don’t worry, whatever happens, it can’t be as bad as this! All tales sourced from the good old Student Room forums!

Tom, Manchester, 22, the kitchen renovation that didn’t happen

Back when I was choosing my first student house, we were told by the landlord that although the kitchen was in a state of definite disrepair, renovations would be happening very soon. Because we were young and tbh much more interested in heading out to Factory that night, we just all went with it- the rent was super cheap you see. Well, roll around half way through the tenancy and the kitchen is still looking just as terrible as it was when we moved in- we ended up having a lot of make shift bbqs to make up for the lack of cooker. The landlord was no use and because we had not got plans for the kitchen renovation in writing, we were out on our arse. Top tip, get everything in writing!

Isabelle, Leeds, 19, tricky neighbours

We’ve just moved into our student house, it was going pretty nice for the first few weeks before we realised that the walls are not only proper thin, but that the neighbours have raves every night and also insist on turning the front of the house that we share with them into what looks like the Beaverbrook’s smoking area every single night.

Hayley, Bournemouth, 18, a nasty smell

I’m an international student and was slow on sorting out my accommodation so I’ve gone straight into renting. The house is okay, it’s just that the previous tenants definitely smoked meaning that everything still smells terrible. Even sitting on the sofa releases a cloud of smoky dust.

Jamie, Birmingham, 21, off the rails

We actually moved into our student house as a group a few weeks earlier than usual and were wondering around before my friend took hold of the bannister to walk upstairs with his stuff and the whole thing ripped out of the wall because it was completely rotten! Whoops.

Lucy, Leicester, 22, the great flood

Only weeks into moving into our new house last year, there was a lot of rain in Leicester, meaning that the vast majority of our cellar was completely flooded. It took ages for the site to be drained and for the rest of the year we had to live with a terrible smell of damp coming from below the floorboards…

Jack, Cardiff, 22, fire

We had incredibly good smoke detectors and window alarms, almost too good… Whenever anyone made toast and got even a whisper of burn on the bread, the whole house went into panic as every single alarm went off, we even had a HEAT SENSOR above the oven and couldn’t open the windows without alarms blaring, it drove us ALL INSANE.

Jake, Hull, 19, not secure

The lock on our student house this year is terrible. We’ve had four people come to try to fix it and at the moment we have to just make sure that someone is always in because the door DOES NOT LOCK. If I get murdered, I’m suing.

Holly, 20, York, refusal

Both our washing machine and our dishwasher were completely broken when we moved in and the landlord refused to fix them, he kept blaming us. This is rather a bad landlord as oppose to a bad house story but it’s always good to get this out there.

Rory, 20, UCL, grime

The hygiene of my first student house was disgusting. My cupboards were filled with left overs of the previous tenants dirty underwear, along with blood stains on the carpet. The curtain fell on me whilst attempting to pull it, and the room overall smelt of a mixture of damp and cat urine. The kitchen appliances were yet to be cleaned, and mould had begun to grow under the tiles of the bathroom floor. Various wires were also hanging lose in the kitchen by the flooring. The freezer hadn’t been defrosted and the fridge was yellow! The overall house smelt funky. I wasn’t given a front door key until I went in to complain today so I couldn’t even leave the property!!!

Holly, 20, Newcastle, mice

Our student house definitely has mice. We’ve only been all moved in for the past three weeks and already the whole place has a very tell-tale smell and there are droppings everywhere! Not only that, we also found out today that we have snails and slugs because of slime trails left over a pair of black jeans that my house mate laid out on the side. We threatened our estate agent with environmental health and pest control came in today, if in doubt, threaten them with what the love, money.

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