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What will I do now Tour is over?

What will I do now Tour is over?

Going on a sports tour may possibly be the best experience you will have whilst at university: consecutive days spent relaxing in the sun and drinking in the evenings with some of your best pals; what more could anyone ask for? However, like any holiday, the crashing reality of having to return back home can be devastating and it’s a well known fact that post tour blues continue for months afterwards. Although you can’t fully cure them, these top tips will help you to find happiness again!

Book another holiday


There’s no better way to give yourself a little ‘pick me up’ than to book another holiday with your friends (if you can afford it). If you’re missing the excitement of partying every night in amazing clubs abroad, then you could book somewhere like Ibiza or Zante so that you can relive the experience. Even if you can’t afford a holiday, making any kind of plans for summer will mean you’ll stop you feeling down and dwelling on the past!


Rest Dream Bedroom Feet Comfortable Nap Sleep

There’s no time to rest on sports tours; day times are spent filled with sports competitions and tournaments and most evenings will most definitely involve you going out and not getting in till at least 4AM. Although it was fun, tour can really take it out of you and a lack of sleep is probably also contributing to your low mood. Your body is probably not at it’s finest due to all of the alcohol you’ve consumed and it’s a good idea to eat healthy food and let yourself relax for a week before you start going out again.

Print off your photos


Reminiscing on great memories is probably the best part of returning home from an amazing holiday. You’ve probably got hundreds of photos capturing these great times, so it’s a great idea to get them offloaded from your phone and printed off. Websites like PhotoBox usually offer deals so that you get money off, or they’ll even give you the first one hundred prints free so that you don’t even have to spend a penny! It’s so much better to have physical copies and it means you can fill up your time sticking them on your wall or making an album once you’ve returned home!

Arrange a night out


The bonds that you’ll form on sports tours and like no other and this remains true even when you return home. It would be a great idea to get all of your friends together from the tour and arrange a great night out to relive the experiences of your holiday! It might not be quite the same partying in Manchester as oppose to Croatia but it’ll be sure to kill your blues at least temporarily!

Get thinking about next year’s tour!


Fortunately, sports tours aren’t limited to only being able to go once! Nothing is going to cure your post-tour blues than going on another tour next year. It might be a long time away but at least you have the comfort of knowing that the experience can be re-lived. Set up a group chat with your new found friends (if you don’t already have one) and make sure that everyone’s up for round 2 next year!

Holly Smith Editor