Home Lifestyle ☃ Why Students are just a little rubbish at the whole Christmas thing ☃

☃ Why Students are just a little rubbish at the whole Christmas thing ☃

☃ Why Students are just a little rubbish at the whole Christmas thing ☃

We get pretty awful presents

I tried to do some D.I.Y presents last year, that worked well…
We all know the drill, a quick dash to Primark, bulk everything out with a selection box and BAM! Presents sorted, if people say it’s a little rubbish, try the old, I’m a student line, works every time.
A great way to afford presents is to try and make them, but this never seems to go to plan either. Even if students do try to bake, it somehow always goes wrong, have you seen a student kitchen lately? I once started making a cake to find that I didn’t even have a large enough bowl, or a container to cook the cake in, when I’d finally got one, I found out that it was impossible to get it into the tiny oven in my student halls, so that all back fired!

We try faintly to get some decorations up

Let’s face it, I have no idea it actually is Christmas until I go home for the holidays and realise that my family have a tree, decorations and a hot meal waiting for me!
Kudos to your if your the one house that hangs up paper chains everywhere for those completely ‘un-festive vibes’, well done guys! It seems that no matter how much you spend or what you try to make, it just never feels like it really makes a difference, and anything else will surely break the bank. One idea I have is to scrap decorations all together and just have a big blow out for the house meal! Give everyone a job and all cook up a big Christmas meal together, just remember to rotate those potatoes.

We are always hungover on Christmas Day, boxing day, the day after boxing day?

I used to be so excited waking up on Christmas day, now like most students there is the realisation that I’m usually a little hungover and just ridiculously tired, the question is posed straight away whether you can go back to bed after the presents are opened, oh the humiliation of it all. It feels that although the excitement of Christmas is there, there is also the definite desire to slip straight back into a cosy bed and sleep.

We ask for boring, practical presents

Becoming a student definitely made you value socks above all other presents, there is just something so beautiful about putting them on fresh and not being able to either fold them as they are so over washes and old or to put them on and have your foot pass all the way through due to the massive hole. So yes, Santa, I would like some money for bills, new socks, new pants and maybe a week’s food shop, regards.

Even if we did want to enjoy the festivities, exams are just around the corner…

Let’s face it, even if we do want to buckle in and enjoy the roller coaster that is Christmas, excessive food, presents and all, there is always the realisation for students that exams are just around the corner, so get ready folks! Everyone has felt it, you are enjoying the festivities and then suddenly it hits you, that paper you need to read for next week, just try to push it out your mind and enjoy yourself! There’s always the new year to sort that out…

Merry Christmas and good luck, hope you get your socks!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.