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Why I just don’t care about Sustainability

Why I just don’t care about Sustainability

Sustainability (caring for the environment) is not something students, in general, put much thought into. For me personally, all it does is cause a nuisance in my life.

Yesterday for example, I had a long day at uni and decided to treat myself to a nice long shower. What could possibly be wrong with that? Yet I had only just hopped in for 10mins when I could hear my annoying housemate Sandra banging on the door. “Get out of the shower!” she screams.

I quickly jump out and throw the towel around me, assuming there was some sort of drastic emergency, open the door, and low and behold there is no emergency. I stand there and receive a lecture about how I’ve been using the shower for way too long.

Apparently, I’m a bad person for not being sustainable with the way I use water. Thanks for ruining my day sustainability!

It’s not that I don’t care about the environment. It’s just, it’s the 21st century.

I expect to be able to shower as long as I want, use as much electricity as I want and not have to feel guilty for putting something in the wrong bin.

My wonderful housemate Sandra decided she would “help me out” by making a list of easy tips on how to be more environmentally friendly:

Sandra’s ‘save the planet’ list

  1. Drink Tap water instead of bottled water– the logic of this is that the bottles don’t end up in landfill. But tap water can be vile in some parts of the country!
  2. Collect rain water– Oh excuse me while I collect my bucket of rain water and hand wash my dishes instead of using the dish washer. Not a chance am I washing my teeth with it.
  3. Take public transport– I bought a car, learned to drive and paid insurance. I plan on using this car. Sweaty buses versus car karaoke. I think we all know the winner of this one.
  4. Take your lunch to work/ bring your own coffee– The logic is you can bring it in reusable containers/ cups and from this we’re throwing away less rubbish. There’s one major problem though. I’m a firm believer in the term ‘treat yo’self’. I plan to do this in Starbucks every morning and by dining and wining each lunch time.
  5. Flushing the toilet less– No just no!

I threw that list back at her saying “how dare you write on paper! A tree died for you” and told her she could shove that list up… a very environmentally friendly location.

It’s not like we’re in China where you can visually see the smog everywhere. Maybe Sandra should ship off to China if she wants to rant to every poor soul out there about sustainability.

Should you decide to sacrifice your luxuries for the environment for the limited time you have on the planet, good on you. I will not follow.

Also, I’m currently recruiting a new roommate if anyone is interested!

Holly Smith Editor