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Why don’t milennials believe in God or want children?

Why don’t milennials believe in God or want children?

A forum debate recently posted on Reddit concerned the question about why some people don’t believe in God or want children. The arguments seems to be centred around personal freedom (in not wanting children), and a really interesting stance about how the internet has given us many perspectives. I decided to explore these ideas surrounding why.

We have the influence of our parents, and their mistakes or their experiences to learn from. The previous generation (Generation X), around the time of the 1970s were just breaking free from the shackles of an orthodox past. There is no longer the necessity or societal obligation to hold together a marriage, or believe in God.

However with this freedom brings scepticism, perhaps many of our generation are just too sceptical to bother with trying to maintain a family only for it to fall apart. As regards believing in God, this scepticism also links to questioning the values we may have been taught at school or passed down from parents and grandparents.

Personal experience may also be a reason that snake people don’t believe in God or want children. We have seen cases where the typical family system just doesn’t work, and we know our wants and desires in life. We may be more career driven, or have a totally different focus in life. And that’s fine, because we are the age of the rise in feminism and equal rights, and this has become more the norm than ever before. Some of us are simply choosing not to have children.

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This links to my next point that there is more of a general societal openness towards belief systems and family networks. It is no longer assumed that a woman will marry up at 21 and raise a happy family for the rest of her life. It is more usual to marry later, if at all, and absolutely fine to not have kids until later in life.

Another point brought up on Reddit was the way the internet opens us up to far more opinions and ways of looking at life. We are exposed to a vast ocean of information simply due to the widespread usage of technology. And from this we can form our own judgements, and craft ourselves accordingly.

Homosexuality is far more accepted than it was. There are so many other options besides having the conventional system of children and a monogamous, heterosexual relationship. Polyamory is increasingly popular, adopting kids or even IVF is far more accepted in this generation. Check out this article on managing a polyamorous relationship, you wouldn’t find this lurking anywhere in the baby boomer age!

I think it’s fantastic that we are in an age of more openness towards individual desires and needs. We no longer have to submit to the traditional obligations imposed by society. We can choose our own path; religious, spiritual, polygamous, or just plain career driven. There are far more opportunities for self discovery and self development.

What do you think?

Holly Smith Editor