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What to do between your last exam and graduation

What to do between your last exam and graduation

Relax a little (or a lot!)

The best thing to do between handing in that final piece of work and graduating is to relax! Seriously, I know everyone always says this to you but ‘you will never get that much free time again’, so make the most out of it.

Return the 80,000 thousand books that you’ve borrowed

Return those books; you don’t want some hefty fines added on to the basic cost of living after university, not fun. If you don’t feel like traipsing all the way into university then most student accommodation sites have book deposit banks. Keep an eye out on your university homepage for when your books are due and get them in.

Make the most out of the library, you will never have access that many books again

Make the most out of the library. Think about it, for the past three years you’ve had thousands of books available to you, many of which you haven’t really focused on due to your demanding schedule. Have a quick library search and get some of your favourite books for free!

Make the most of student discount

Everybody is aware that student deals are the best deals, so make the most out of them for the last few months of your time at university. Head out for a big discount meal, go to the cinema for student tickets, head to some stores and splash the cash with your NUS card and just generally enjoy being a student one last time.

Explore your university city

Act like a tourist! Venture off the main university road that you’ve been travelling up and down on for the past three years and explore the city that you’ve called home since university began!

Be a shameless explorer, take pictures and search for the best restaurants, markets, shops, art galleries, museums, and theatres – make the most of it! You can even invite friends and family up to your university city and explore, it can be a really nice experience to enjoy time with loved ones without worrying about university work.

Communicate more with professors

Make the most of your professors because they’re rather intelligent. Head to their office hours and chat to them about your plans after university, you can even get a tutor to be your reference for work after university.


Seriously, have a few days catching up on sleep and thank your stars that you do not have to subject yourself to late night study sessions in the library. Have a lie in, or, if you are really treating yourself, have your breakfast in bed, stress-free!

Hold a house sleepover before you all go your separate living ways

If you are all going your separate ways after university then a great idea is to have a big flat sleepover! Sounds quite cheesy, I know, but you probably won’t be living in such close proximity to these people ever again, and that’s definitely something that you’re going to miss when you graduate. Get some rubbish food in, whack on a chick flick and have a good chill with everyone.

Have a movie day

Make the most of all the free time and have a massive movie day with your flat. Seriously, after you’ve handed that final essay in or completed your final exam, it’s going to feel really strange just sitting down and doing nothing for a few days. Put some of your favourite films on and just try to relax!

Have a party

Have a party! Everybody does this.

The best thing about university is that everybody finishes around the same time so everybody has something to celebrate! Host a large flat party with good food and drink and celebrate the past three years. It’s a great feeling to know that everything is in, done and dusted- so embrace it.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, then head off on holiday with your housemates. The time between hand-in and gradation is the perfect limbo to jet off, failing that, you can always head somewhere in the UK, there’s lots to offer, from seaside resorts through to camping.

Have a library picnic

Grab some supplies and have a picnic in the library, failing that, head out onto the grass outside your university and celebrate your three years with some good grub and some alcohol!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.