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What not to do in fresher’s week

What not to do in fresher’s week

It’s nearly time for fresher’s week (year), where the main subjects of interest will be drinking, socialising and pretending to understand lectures.

Here are some top tips of things to definitely avoid doing during fresher’s.

You’ll thank me later…

#1 Blowing that loan


Although it may seem incredible when the government magically hand you a considerable amount of money to have at your expense, try to avoid blowing it all in the first week. Fresher’s can be an expensive affair, with all the wristband parties, so try to economise on other areas. Budget, don’t try to buy everyone drinks to display your new found wealth, and definitely don’t spend it all on clothes/shoes or fancy Waitrose food. Although it may be nice to have salmon and cream cheese bagels from Waitrose for your hangover and a Starbucks coffee, it will soon start to run out if you are not careful.

#2 Getting signature happy at the fresher’s fair


Although the notion of the fresher’s fair can be exciting, with the pull to sign up to the pirate society being incredibly strong, make sure you only focus on hobbies that interest you and that you will be enthusiastic to attend. (Personal life lesson learnt from signing up to the hummus society).

#3 Catch fresher’s flu?


Okay, so this one is pretty much unavoidable. Sorry?

#4 Avoiding the washing up


Although it’s easy to get caught up in the pull of fresher’s week, you still need to do your washing up. Boring, I know- but you won’t be making any friends by stealing someone’s mug for your packet pasta and not washing it up.

#5 Leaving your door unlocked


Never leave your door unlocked. Whether it’s simply for security reasons, as it can be tricky to remember to lock it whilst leaving for a night out, or to protect your room from the mercy of your flatmates and pranks. A guy on my floor had his whole room turned upside down once.

#6 Avoiding responsibility


Although the hangover pain may at times be unbearable, you still have to get in for all those welcome lectures and meetings or else you will be wandering the campus on week one with absolutely no idea where you are or where you are going.

#7 Accepting all friendship requests from promoters


They don’t want to be your friends, they just want you to come to their clubs. Trust me, to avoid spamming, don’t accept them and make your own mind up on whether or not you want to go.

#8 Paying attention


Try to pay attention in lecture and seminars. Sitting and nodding will get you through them, yet that’s all it will do.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.