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Here’s what it’s like to live at home whilst at university

Here’s what it’s like to live at home whilst at university

As many students are set to move out for the first time or move back up for another year of mayhem, I would like to give a shout out to all the “stay at home birds” who may be feeling slightly jealous of all the freedom they’re lacking.

Some say that a student must move away from home to gain the full university experience. However a lot of UK students live at home during university either because they’re a true home bird or they simply cannot afford to move out. Here we lay out what it’s really like to live at home during the best years of your life.

The decent parts

The tea is already waiting for you

You come in the door after a long day of lectures. The kettle is on. Dinner has already been put in the oven for you. No pasta and beans for you, a roast dinner is waiting to be dished out on to your plate. You’re still living in luxury. Why change that?

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You’ve a big assignment due. Your friends are either wandering around the library looking for somewhere to sit or crammed into their little box room trying to block out the noise of their friends pre-drinking. You however have yourself sprawled out in your home studio, a fridge full of assignment goodies and a house full of quietness. You can get your assignment done in no time.

More dollar bills

Your friends have a month’s rent to pay, electricity, heating and WiFi bills. Meanwhile you have none of these and can blow your money on whatever you want! You are not in the majority ‘broke student’ category.

The crappy bits

Public Transport

You had to get up at 6.30am and hop on a sweaty bus just to make it in for 9am. The bus was late and you got absolutely soaked from a lorry splashing you as it drove by. You should have brought a change of clothes. You finally make it into Uni. Your campus friends come over complaining about ‘how early it is’ and how they ‘just got up mate’. You start house hunting immediately.

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Going out

Your friends drop the bomb as you’re leaving your 6pm lecture that they’re planning on going out tonight. “What”? you say. “Why didn’t you tell me yesterday”! You live so far away that a taxi home will cost over 50 quid. Inevitably you need somewhere to crash tonight. You look around frantically to see which one of your friends will offer to take your homeless ass in for the night. By the time you get home, get changed and come back in, your friends will be all very, very merry compared to you. Is it really worth the hassle?

Freedom. What Freedom?

You’re at that age that whilst you still love your family, it would be kind of great if they weren’t around ALL the time. When living at home, there’s no easy way of bringing a boy/girl home for the night. In fact it’s virtually impossible. All those deep meaningful conversations your friends get to have while making toasties at 4am, that doesn’t happen at home. In fact, if you even leave it as late as 4am to come home after a night out, you will have a nagging mother waiting for you when you arrive back, giving out about all the bad choices you’re making!

So whether you’re set to stay or flock from the nest, it’s going to be two completely different experiences.

It is, however, possible to stay at home during college and not hate yourself.

You get over the jealousy.


By Amy Moore

Holly Smith Editor