Home Lifestyle What are the worst secret Santa gifts people have received?

What are the worst secret Santa gifts people have received?

What are the worst secret Santa gifts people have received?

she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Ever had a truly terrible secret Santa gift, so terrible that you avoid the practice each year?

Well, we asked some students and graduates their worst and strangest secret Santa gifts, ranging from a bag of orange peel to consuming the present before you gift it, there are some pretty weird ones in here.

Jack, 24, graduate

Not received, but I once got a lad who played football, and shaved his legs up to the mid ankle so he didn’t pull hairs off every time he taped up his shin pads. Looked very comical and used to take the mick a bit, so when I drew him as secret Santa I knew I had to buy him some brown fluffy socks, amongst a few other inside joke-y presents. Work Christmas do he doesn’t turn up so I had to give the new secretary some massive brown fluffy socks and a bag of salted peanuts with absolutely no context. Spot on.

Holly, 20, student

A drumstick packet, with all the drumsticks eaten… Replaced with orange peel inside.

Ellie Grant, 20, student

Someone got my mate a pink butt plug for secret Santa, his brother posted a pic on Facebook the next day revealing that the butt plug had been hung up on the family Christmas tree. Also I once bought my friend two bottles of wine for secret Santa, drank them both and had to buy two new bottles of wine.

Mike, 19, student

I once received a bumper pack of Boy zone and West Life CD’s, which still had the Oxfam sticker on the back, so had clearly been swiped from the 10 p bucket at a charity shop. As if this wasn’t rubbish enough, when I got home to play one, I found out that one of the CD’s was the Bob The Builder Christmas album, that was not a fun experience.

Evan, 21, student

I once received a photo frame, which when I went to put my own picture into, I discovered had an image of a family I had never seen before still placed inside, but just turned around. There were also lots of dead spiders squished behind it too, eew.

Lucy, 24, graduate

I once received a bag of toiletries, like body wash etc, but they had all been already opened and used, one even had a hair in it! I threw it straight away, seriously?

Emily, 18, student

I always complained to my house mates that they played music too loud and kept me up all night. For secret Santa I received a pack of ear plugs and some ‘sleepy’ tea, thanks guys, I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or thankful.

Harry, 25, graduate

Just a box of mince pies, wrapped beautifully but out of date by on year and from aldi, I didn’t find it funny at all, I really wanted those mince pies, and the ones I got were horrible. Rubbish!

Sophie, 21, student

One of my friends once got a lot of aldi own brand lard, all stacked up in a box, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.