Home Lifestyle Love film, Facebook and Harry Potter? These are the ultimate student jobs:

Love film, Facebook and Harry Potter? These are the ultimate student jobs:

Love film, Facebook and Harry Potter? These are the ultimate student jobs:

No matter how bad you are at maths, there’s one equation we can all understand and that is Student = Broke. The best student jobs sometimes seem impossible to find.

If you’re a student, you’re inevitably going to be living on pasta and always out of money (aside from 2am on a Thursday night when you’re buying everyone, including the bar man himself, a drink). The problem is that we’re not fully qualified to get a decent paid job until graduation, thus we have to relentlessly chase employers for any sort of work we can find – cleaning the toilets in a local bar can be the best we can get…. sigh.

But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually find a part time job that you can enjoy doing. Here are some of the best jobs for students in the country. Keep an eye out to see if they’re hiring!

Harry Potter Tour Guide


You can recite the books word for word and have seen the movies probably hundreds of times. You even had Harry Potter glasses when you were younger and now you even have a tattoo of the man himself (somewhere secret of course). So being a Harry Potter tour guide at the Warner Bros studio tour in London would be practically second nature to you. In fact, you would probably do it for free.

Keep checking here for vacancies ( put location as UK-Leavesden : they’re currently hiring for part time workers!)



You’re the guy/ girl at the party who is always in charge of the music. You’re completely trusted to provide everyone with a good time. People always follow your playlists on Spotify because they know damn well you’re going to  get everyone up and dancing. So why not get paid for being the ultimate sesh monster.

There’s a DJ soc in most unis, it’s a good idea to start there and if you’re good, it may lead to great things. Otherwise, try your student radio station where you can get your playlists out to the whole campus!

*Warning, may find your sex appeal dramatically increasing.

Santa’s little helper


Santa needs helpers in absolutely every nook and cranny in the country. Particularly shopping centres around Christmas time. Which happens to be exactly the time when students need extra money, would you look at that!

Santa pays generously to those students who help him out and you get to really experience the magic of Christmas all over again. Keep yourself off the naughty list to land this job!

If you really love the idea, why not try being an elf for a whole season in Lapland once you graduate? Urghhh… best job ever!

Social Media Assistant


You’re already addicted to tweeting and sharing so why not make some money out of it. Many companies are hiring young people to be the online voice of their company because they simply cannot keep up with technology (I’m pretty sure that no one above 30 even knows what The Snapchat is) .

Some smaller businesses mightn’t even have a social media presence, so simply setting them up and running with a Facebook page can really attract people to their business.

Check out LinkedIn for the latest vacancies!

If you can attract more people to their business with your online marketing campaigns, you could definitely earn yourself a decent penny.

Movie supervisor


Yes this actually exists.

Staff get paid to sit and watch the movie in the cinema just in-case something happens with the projection. Most times things run smoothly so you just sit back, enjoy and feel that bank account of yours increasing.

Just don’t spend all of your money on popcorn for the movie.

Holly Smith Editor