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Volunteering at Festivals: The Ultimate Guide

Volunteering at Festivals: The Ultimate Guide

Take a look at these great opportunities for festival volunteering this summer. Spend your days volunteering and your evenings partying for free!

Bestival 1-6th August

Bestival is a four-day dance festival based in Dorset. According to the Bestival website, the vibe of the festival is definitely vibrant, bold and fun and volunteers are encouraged to emulate this enthusiasm in their work.

Volunteers are needed to run the ‘eco’ section of the festival, an organisation that is put in place to ensure that the festival land is kept clean and tidy.

Your role will be to stand at the main gate giving out a recycling and bin bag to all the festival goers, informing them that if they bring it back full they will get £10 off their original ticket price!

For this work you will receive free entry into the festival, free meals, hot drinks, somewhere to chill, a charge and camping space and heaps of spare time to enjoy the music!

For more information head here.

Love Box 13-14th July

Situated in the heart of central London, Love Box festival takes places across the 13-14th July.

Love Box hosts an incredibly vibrant line-up of music, from dance and hip-hop through to indie and electronic. This year will see stars such as Skepta and Woo Tan Clan join the lineup.

Love Box is looking for volunteers to welcome festival goers and to direct them to the appropriate places.

You will be required to do two 8 hour shifts, finishing no later than 6pm, you’ll then be free to head off to enjoy the festivities and music!

You will, of course, get free entry into the event for your time and effort, as well as unlimited hot drinks, free lunch and a guarantee that you will not miss the headline acts!

For more information head here.

Boardmasters 7-13th August

Situated in the heart of Newquay, Cornwall, Boardmasters is a five-day event hosting surfing, music and multiple activities from yoga through to bodyboarding!

The festival clings onto its indie vibes with Catfish and the Bottlemen playing this year, although there are also dance acts like Years and Years and the chilling yet brilliant voice of Rag n Bone Man!

The vibe is definitely incredibly chilled, just picture a massive beach party!

Boardmasters are searching for volunteers to support the environment. Similar to Bestival, you will be required to be at the entrance, encouraging people to use their recycling and bin bags before bringing them back for cash.

In return, you’ll get free entry into the festival, free meals on every shift, charging, chilling and camping spaces and you will be required to work for no more than 24 hours over the whole five days!

For more information visit the site here.

Boomtown Fair 7-13th August

Held at the Matterly Estate in Winchester, Boomtown fair hosts an eclectic mix of reggae, folk, rock, hip-hop and electronic music! Plenty to keep you occupied…

The vibe of Boomtown is definitely bright and rather intoxicating, with the sounds, smells and constant beat pounding in the background!

You definitely will not want to miss out!

Boomtown is looking for volunteers to work 3 x 8-hour shifts over the course of the festival, you will not be required to work any night shifts.

You will be based at the main entrance, just checking people’s wristbands and tickets and directing people where to go.

You will receive a free meal for your time, as well as access to tea and coffee, a chill and charge room and your own camping space!

Visit the site here to find out more.

The Down’s Festival 1st September

The Down’s Festival consists of just one day at Clifton Downs in Bristol.

The festival is looking for volunteers to work an 8-hour shift, you will finish no later than 7 pm and will be based on the gates welcoming festival goers to the site, directing them to relevant places and checking tickets/wristbands.

You will receive free entry into the site, as well as free meals, hot drinks and lots of free time for you to enjoy the music.

Head to the site here to find out more.

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