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Need some Valentine’s Film ideas?

Need some Valentine’s Film ideas?

The Big Day is coming up and the chick flicks are filling our screens again. But if you stuck with what to watch, we’ve compiled the best Valentines film ideas for you!

Paris, Je t’aime

Paris Je t’aime or Paris, I love you is basically the lesser well known and French version of Love Actually. Released in 2006, it follows the everyday lives of normal people throughout the city of Paris who all end up interacting with each other in some shape or form.

It takes place all within the space of one whole day, consisting of 18 short stories all piled into one. It’s a heart-warming tale and definitely one to try out this valentine if you love Paris, also, French is the language of love, right?

About Time

This is a perfect romance film with a little bit of time travel thrown into the mix.

It tells the tale of Tim, who when he reaches the age of 21, realises that he has the ability of time travel. However, instead of using his power to change the world, Tim decides to use the ability of time travel to ultimately find himself a girlfriend, I know, super funny! He uses his cunning and his time hopping abilities to win a love, yet soon comes to realise that time travel cannot protect him from the complexities of everyday life and the mistakes which ultimately everyone will make in their lifetime. Tim soon learns that although he can time travel, he is not indestructible; he is only human.

This is great film to watch if you like a bit of adventure thrown into a love story, it’s also really funny and quite heart-warming, so get snuggled down and put it on!

Black Mirror, ‘Hang the DJ’

Hang the DJ is a one off Black Mirror episode which is based around love. Set in the dystopian future, it speaks for the possible future of dating. Ending relationships is no longer a thing, as all dates are controlled by a personal app, you are set up, told how long your relationship will last, and then expected to stay in it for the designated time. The system is designed to ensure that you find your lifelong match, and when you are matched – well, you’ll have to watch to find out!

Hang the DJ tells the story of a couple who decide to cheat the system and work to break it, driven ultimately by their love for each other. It’s a must watch, I did weep, I won’t lie!

Beautiful Lies

This film french film tells the tale of Emilie, the owner and manager of a hair salon. One day she receives an anonymous letter from the handyman who works in the salon sharing his infatuation for her, yet, far too busy for love, she bins it.

Her mother, however, is struggling to find the one, and driven to help her, Emilie types up the love letter she has received and sends it to her mother, starting a chain of events which make for rather embarrassing yet funny viewing! Beautiful lies is a feel good film, telling the story of what exactly can go wrong when people meddle around with love!

Amelie, trailer 

The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulin is essentially a Parisian romantic comedy. It tells the tale of Amelie, an interesting and eccentric introvert living in her little flat in Paris. One day she finds a mysterious box containing the keepsakes of the small boy who lived in the flat before her.

Determined to return it to him, she seeks him out and watches him from nearby as he opens the box, now an old man, and weeps with joy. Thriving off the satisfaction and happiness she receives by making other people happy, Amelie decides to dedicate her life to making people cheerful.

However, she soon forgets to make herself happy in the process, a worrying thought for the man who is in love with her, Nino. Immerse yourself in the charming love story that is Amelie this Valentine’s, as herself and Nino struggle to find each other in the chaotic city.

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a fantasy romance film directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson.

Gil Pender, an up-and-coming screenwriter is on holiday with his fiancé in Paris. Tired by the stress of the city and the constant meals with his new in laws, Gil decides to wander the streets of Paris in search of ideas for his writing. It is here, at the stroke of midnight, where he encounters a car full of his favourite writers from the 1920s, realising that at 12pm, each night in Paris, he can travel back in time by hopping in that car. Soon, he is immersed in the lives of the most renowned writers of the twentieth century desperately trying to balance his present life with his finance, with that of the past and his infatuation with his new friends.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.