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What is the ultimate housemate combination?

What is the ultimate housemate combination?

Are you house hunting right now?

When it comes to housemates, here at Student Life Guide we have compiled the ultimate combination needed to have the ultimate house share experience.

Take a look below to see how your house measures up!

The party animal

Although they can be pretty frustrating at times, having a party-mad housemate can be a really nice pick me up if the whole house is feeling a little low at times.

Having an out-going member in the house can encourage others to head on a night out, play some music, cook a meal together or head down the pub, sometimes it’s good to have someone to give you the final push.

The academic

We all need this person to bring the whole house back to the correct level after a few weeks worth of holiday being taken during the academic term.

Seeing a fellow housemate working super hard will hopefully motivate you to get pushing ahead with your degree and might even encourage you to head to the library with them!

The mother of the group

Every household needs a mother figure, whether they’re making everyone a cup of tea, encouraging the whole flat to have a meal together or making sure everyone is registered at the doctors or get’s a lemsip when they’re ill, motherly figures in student house shares really are a blessing.

Motherly figures are also brilliant at looking after fellow flat mates on night’s out and are usually the one who volunteers to take your drunk self home, keep them close!

Although they can be a bit intense with the cleaning at times, every house seriously needs one!

The attractive one

Honestly, having an attractive house mate really is a great conversation starter. ‘OMG, do you live with what’s his name- the fit one?’ is usually thrown your way often- your house will become the place to be in order to spot him at key times…

Attractive people also make your house Polaroids look proper aesthetic so are definitely a necessity.

The technological whizz

Lap top broke? They’ll fix it. Can’t get your hair straighteners to work? They’ll fix it. Broke the oven? Yeah, they’ll probably be able to fix that – you’ll eat tonight!

With a technological whizz in your house there is no movie too long to download and no speaker too broken to fix.

They are VITAL if you did not bother to get any insurance…

The DIY genius

If you’d like your deposit back at the end of the tenancy, then it’s always handy to have someone who is pretty savvy in DIY as a housemate.

Whether it’s fixing the front door after someone had to kick it down drunk, reattaching the radiator after a party (I’ve actually seen one be pulled off) or even thinking of inventive ways to hang pictures and notes without staining the wall, there will always be a job for a DIY expert in your student house and they’re definitely an essential counterpart of the group!

Students can be rather messy…

The clean freak

Student houses can be a trifle disgusting in terms of rubbish and mess so having a student who really does love a good clean environment can be a blessing in disguise.

Although it’s never okay to exploit someone’s tendency to clean, their constant cleaning will hopefully wear off on other fellow housemates and will hopefully work to keep the whole house looking reasonably clean and tidy!

The political one

Everyone’s house share needs a political student to keep the whole group on their current affairs’ toes.

Whether it’s making everyone watch the news by putting it on every morning, encouraging the house to go on student marches and protests or getting other house mates into political debates daily, they’re great for allowing you to cling onto a few brain cells whilst at home.

They can, however, be responsible for a few arguments as well so are definitely one to watch!

The reserved one

This person usually sits around watching box sets or tends to chat to you about the best book they just read. Their ultimate night out is being tucked up on the sofa watching Love Island and they only wear slippers, you haven’t seen any other type of shoe on their feet.

They’re a necessity in any student household as they help to encourage flatmates to relax and to join in on their box set binges.

They’re good for the soul, and the liver.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.