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The Ultimate Festival Kit List

The Ultimate Festival Kit List

Heading off to a festival this summer?

Stuck for ideas on what to pack? Don’t worry!

Follow these top tips on how to effectively pack for any festival so that you’ll be able to deal with anything that is thrown at you!

Sometimes literally…

Item #1: your ticket

Make sure that the very first thing that you pack is your ticket. It’s a good idea to have an ‘important wallet’ with all the relevant documents inside, this way it will be easy to grab on entrance!

Item #2: clothes for each day plus one spare pair

Pack one outfit for each day plus a few spare pairs of pants and one whole spare outfit in case you get well and truly soaked on one day.

Item #3: layers for the evening

Pack a few layers for the evening when it gets a tad chilly and throw in a big hoodie for when you’re sleeping in the tent at night as it can get really cold!

Item #4: dry shampoo

Chances are that you won’t have access to a shower whilst at your chosen festival so pack some dry shampoo to try and save your hair, also throw in some wet wipes for an attempt at cleanliness.

Item #5: Toiletry kit

Put together a toiletry kit filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, deodorant and any sanitary products, pain killers or any other further medication you may need.

Place it at the top of your bag so that it’s easy to access.

Item #6: Toilet roll and hand gel

Always pack spare toilet roll!

Trust me, the toilets always run out of it super early! It’s also good to have a small pot of hand gel on you for when you head to the toilet.

Item #7: Spare socks!

There is nothing worse than having soggy socks inside your wellies. Pack a few spare pairs to avoid this.

Item #8: Alcohol

If you’re camping, you’re usually allowed to bring in some booze! Bring in as much as you want/can carry, just make sure that nothing is glass.

Item #9: Make up and glitter

If make up is your thing then remember to pack your make up bag as well as any other accessories such as glitter and jewellery.

Item #10: One waterproof, a poncho or even a bin bag!

Remember to pack a waterproof.

British festivals do not really have the best track record when it comes to the weather so it’s best to be prepared! Throw in a waterproof for peace of mind, if you don’t have one you can always put in a bin bag, sounds silly but bin bags are much more effective and can be recycled at the end of the festival!

Item #11: a tent

If you’re camping, do make sure to bring a tent for yourself, it will come in handy.

Item #12: tarpaulin

I learnt this trick at Leeds Festival and it saved my life.

Believe it or not, waterproof tents are not actually waterproof. The water runs right through and onto the sleeping inhabitants. To prevent this, I covered my tent with tarpaulin, a thick plastic sheeting and watched in happiness as the water ran off the edges and not onto me! Bliss, sort of.

Item #13: A reusable water bottle

Water bottles at festivals are seriously expensive. I don’t know about you but £2.50 for a bottle of water that FALLS FROM THE SKY is a rip off. Take a large reusable water bottle and fill it up from the drinking water taps in the camping areas.

Item #14: Lots of plastic bags

Bring lots of plastic bags. Whether you use them as something to sit on, a waterproof or as a vessel to throw your dirty clothes into, they will come in handy.

Item #15: Sunglasses and sun cream

On the rare occasion of sunshine at your chosen festival you will need your iconic festival glasses and some factor 50 cream.

Item #16: form of ID

Bring some ID. It will be pretty gutting being refused service due to not having it on you all weekend.

Item #17: cash

There are rarely cash points at festivals and the ones that are there usually have a service charge. Take cash with you to avoid any awkward trips to the cash point.

Item #18: contraceptive

We are all adults here. It’s sensible to pack a form of contraceptive for the weekend.

Item #19: A map

Whether its a map on how to get to the festival site or a map of the festival itself, to avoid draining your phone battery, print off a map and directions to follow on the day.

Item #20: a hat or a bandanna

A hat is always a great thing to pack if it’s nice and sunny, likewise, a bandanna can take care of that unwashed hair!

Item #21: a portable charger

Pick up a portable charger from Primark and bring it to the festival to keep your phone charged all weekend. Likewise, you can pack a disposable camera to make sure you can get all the snaps you need.

Item #22: sleeping bag, pillow, mat

Pack your sleeping bag and a pillow if you can fit it all in, it’s always good to have something separating you from the base of the tent to stay a bit warmer!

Item #23: One small towel

Bring one small face towel  for the weekend. Microfiber ones are your best bet, they dry really quickly and absorb lots of water.

Item #24: bottle openers, matches, cutlery, utensils

Remember to bring bottle openers for your alcohol, matches if you are allowed to have a BBQ and any other utensils needed for cooking up some food!

Item #25: food!

BRING SOME FOOD. Festival food prices are on another level so pack plenty of grub to keep in the tent and feast on all weekend.

Item, #26: earplugs

Pack some earplugs to put in when the music is a tad deafening, they won’t completely block the tunes but they will make it a lot kinder on your ears.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.