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Fancy travelling Europe for free?

Fancy travelling Europe for free?

travel squad- assemble!

Busabout is currently on the lookout for four people to travel Europe, documenting their experiences every step of the way through social media.

The project, coined ‘Travel Squad’, will last from May-September and will consist of you travelling all across Europe, from Rome to Paris, Slovenia to Croatia!

If you like this sound of this project, then keep reading to find out more!

There are four positions available on the adventure, you’ll have to choose one before you apply.

The positions are:


To take up this position, you will need to be savvy with a camera! This role is perfect for people who love Instagram, all you’ll have to is document your experience by posting up all your pictures on the Busabout account!


You’ll be in charge of filming and uploading regular videos to the Busabout YouTube channel, it’s down to you to get all the best angles!


You’ll be expected to write up a blog post of each experience that you have on your adventure, have fun telling the world exactly what you are up to and reliving your favourite moments and memories!

Snapchat/Instagram Stories

You’ll be in charge of catching snippets of life through snap chat and Instagram stories, make every second count!

The adventure includes:

  • visiting 15 European countries and 47 tourist destinations
  • Travelling for three months- for free!

You will need:

-You will need to be available from early May to September

-You will also need a passport/VISA and be eligible to travel in Europe for 90 days

How to apply:

-Individual applicants must cover one of the positions

-Group applications must cover two of the positions

-Upload a video to YouTube telling Busabout why you are the best person for the job- remember to be creative!

-Tag the YouTube video with the hashtag #busabout and remember to include the logo somewhere in your thumbnail

-Fill in the application form


  • Busabout will cover all travel and expenses, you will also be given an allowance each day
  • Busabout will book the return flights from the airport closest to your final destination
  • If you complete all your tasks, you will also be paid a success fee at the end of the trip
  • Features such as taxes, insurance and VISAs will not be covered cost wise
  • You must have Skype for later interviews
  • You must have a valid email address

Check out the full T&Cs here

Check out the website here

Make sure that you get your applications in by 17th April! 


Good luck!


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.