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Top Ten Game of Thrones Predictions

Top Ten Game of Thrones Predictions

It’s that time of the year again. YouTube is sprawled with gruesome clips; Facebook is avoided in case of spoilers; chat shows are bombarded with the cast and people just can’t seem to get enough of Game of Thrones. If, like me, you are also a part of this arguable obsession, then these top ten predictions will be right up your street.

Just to reiterate, these are simply fun speculations! Spoiler free!

The Knight King will breech the wall

Now this one is a controversial topic. Ever since Bran stupidly let the Knight King touch him, the magic on the wall has been substantially weakened. Yet, the wall is still hundreds of feet high. This prediction is that the Knight King, as he can control the elements, will freeze the sea and simply walk around the wall and across the Bay of Seals. Very effective if you ask me…

Euron’s magic horn

A key prediction surrounding Euron Greyjoy is that he is in possession of a magical horn called Dragon binder. The horn is made from a dragon fang and decorated with Valyrian steel. With its ability being that it can control dragons, this surely will come in handy.

The mountain will fight the hound

Okay, so this is maybe just a longing to see an impressive onscreen fight, but speculations are emerging surrounding an expectant fight between the gruesome brothers.

Arya Stark is only just getting started

Although in the book revenge is carried out by Lady Stoneheart, the resurrected body of Catelyn Stark, the series has decided to use Arya as the main seeker of revenge. Main predictions circle around her carrying on her kill list to include Cersei, Jaime and the Mountain.

Tyrion will finally get his own dragon!

With three dragons available, and with Tyrion now being hand of the Queen, it seems only fitting for him to have his own dragon.

Little finger will disrupt the Winterfell reunion

Little finger, due to his obsession with Sansa, will almost undoubtedly disrupt and anger the bond between herself and Jon, causing endless issues.

Jon must learn about his parents

A major prediction is that Jon will learn about his parents and that this will happen very soon, possibly if he reunites with Bran.

Tyrion will meet his siblings on the battlefield

Although fiercely hated by his sister Cersei, this will be particularly challenging for Tyrion and Jaime who have a mutual fondness for each other.

Arya will be reunited with her remaining family at Winterfell

Hopefully just in time to give an awkward account of how she murdered Walder Frey’s sons and cooked them into a pie.

Jaime will be forced to kill Cersei

This is a major prediction given that Cersei is cycling into a persona of brutality and madness. Similar to how he stopped the ‘Mad King’, will Jaime have to also stop Cersei?

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