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The Top 10 Internet Obsessions of 2017

The Top 10 Internet Obsessions of 2017

let’s get viral

The Election

Ye, of course the internet was going to have a total meltdown when it came to the UK genera election in June, with an incredible surge in young voters being propelled by the power of social media, with parties such as Labour utilising sites such as twitter and Facebook to get young people to buy into politics. Whilst Labour did not win, the incredible increase in voters did cause people to recognise the importance of the youth vote and the power of social media.

Trump, just Trump

When has there not been a time when President Trump has not covered our laptops and phones with controversy. 2017 was no different with corkers such as covfefe and such delights as tweeting his security log in password, whoops.

The failure of a Pepsi Ad

The internet did have a good old laugh at this brilliant example of a Kardashian attempting to get involved in politics. The Pepsi ad received a tremendous amount of scrutiny, with it showing Kendall apparently solving the issue of racism and police violence by giving an officer a can of Pepsi, brilliant, the internet positively went insane, entertaining as always.

Beyonce’s twin announcement

For reasons unknown to myself, another viral sensation of 2017 was the announcement that pop star Beyonce would be expecting twins, a revelation she announced whilst performing, as she proceeded to rub her stomach in front of fans.

The Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse was a revelation to the USA, as twitter went into meltdown of images of the spectacle, whilst key figures such as Trump, after being instructed to not look directly at the sun, proceeded to do so in front of hundreds of photographers, causing images to once again go viral, with a few pictures of streaming, bloodied eyes also gracing our screens, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN PEOPLE.

Taylor Swift causing some trouble

Taylor Swift made her musical come back this year, with her track so full of controversy that the internet literally went into meltdown, I am not even kidding guys. ‘Look What You Made me Do’ was full of digs at Kayne West, Katy Perry and Kin Kardashian, with Taylor asserting that the old Taylor is dead. Ooohh, edgy.


A rather more serious viral sensation of 2017, the online campaign #metoo championed the power of people to speak out if they had suffered from sexual violence, encouraging people to be brave and voice their struggles, in light of countless sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood, from Harvey Weinstein to Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick.

The BBC Dad

When Professor Robert Kelly took part in a Skype interview for BBC News, he had no idea that we would soon go viral. During the very serious interview, the scene is interrupted by Kelly’s kids wandering in, one a toddler and the other a baby is a wheely walker, they both glide into the scene in a simply hilarious move, soon followed by Kelly’s wife, who smashes into the door before wrestling the kids out. The whole video went absolutely viral, with people replacing the heads of the children, such as the one above, showing Shaun Spicer being interrupted by Donald Trump


Ah, the unicorn frappucino, the drink which after taking over sites such as Instagram and twitter, proceeded to be outed as rather disgusting by disgruntled customers, oh dear, least it looks nice? Right?

The Game of Thrones Leaks

Yes, we all know the absolute drama behind this, as all summer twitter, social media and just the internet in general became a hot bed of illegal leaks, hacks and streaming services, with countless episodes of Game of Thrones leaking before the official air date, bit of a bummer if you ask me, although plenty of people still followed the link to an early, rather good quality episode of Game of Thrones.

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