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The Strangest University Societies You’ll Want To Join

The Strangest University Societies You’ll Want To Join

University is all about getting that all-important degree, but a good social life should definitely be just below on the priority list; because when will you have the plethora of clubs and societies available to you ever again? It doesn’t matter if you’re into Pokemon or Pantomime, your university will have something for every passion in life. Some universities, however, have taken it one-step further, and come up with these strange and wacky societies, just to make your social life at university that slight bit more interesting.Here’s the strangest university societies you’ll want to join.


Sheila And Her Dog Society – University of Cambridgegummy-bears

People in this strange society are like-minded, child-like students who get together for 2 hours a week to drink too much hot chocolate and eat so many gummy bears that it would make their mummies angry. After the ceremonious ‘dropping of the penguin’ which begins every meeting, no member can mention any kind of ‘horrid grown up’ talk, and a children’s storybook must be read in a silly voice. This is a society for all of those child-at-heart.



Harry Potter and Gin Society – University of St Andrews


Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Get sorted into your house before you head off for a game of Pub Quidditch (with gin of course). This weird society brings together the love of Harry Potter and that of gin – surely the best two things in the world, no?


20 Minute Society – University of Newcastle


The most spontaneously strange society in the country, the 20 minute club has no regular weekly meetings. Instead, you will receive a text giving you 20 minutes to get yourself down to wherever the society chooses to go, and this could be anywhere – from karaoke to ice-skating. The society also puts on a mystery holiday each year, but you won’t know the destination until you receive your plane ticket at the airport. This is a society for those who are looking for a little more excitement in uni life (and an excuse to get out of writing your latest essay)!


The Bullingdon Club – University of Oxford


The secret and elite society that has seen former Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a member, has been making headlines throughout the past few years. They may have to light a £50 note in front of a homeless person as an initiation rite, and there is the whole pig’s head debacle, but this society is still prevalent amongst the elite of English society. No one really knows what happens at their meetings, but restaurants get trashed and they have been known to end up in police cells after a night out. All sounds a little odd to me….


Human v Zombies – Royal Holloway


Get your Nerf gun out and participate in a week-long battle of survival. This society creates a new threat to humanity each year, with socials that revolve around this story and battle. Reminisce your war wounds, pint in hand, with everyone else who took part, or test your aim with a blaster. This is said to be one of the largest (albeit strangest) society on campus – I have no idea why…


The Pirate Society – University of Manchester


If you’re a budding pirate, love wearing a bandanna, or just have an obsession with rum, then this is the society for you. Said to be a society that ‘only drinks’ and spends hours ‘talking like a pirate’, you’ll find other daring sea farers to share your treasure-hunting stories.

Holly Smith Editor