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The post fresher’s reality

The post fresher’s reality

Welcome to university

So, Fresher’s Week is over, and the reality of university life is slowly setting in, there’s deadlines, career talks- even for first years and sheets detailing your winter exams are being placed in front of you.

Here are five major differences you will surely notice, as fresher’s week ends and university life wades in.

#1 Work

The work will begin, from reading into the late hours of the evening to reading again in the early hours of the morning. Did you know that tutors actually expect us to be prepared for our seminars and tutorials? Going from free stuff, nights out every night and being drunk for more hours in the day then you are sober, the idea of sitting in a lesson and listening, contributing and understanding is a big, big ask. In contrast to fresher’s, you will probably experience boredom during your first term, it is very unlikely that you will absolutely love every part of your course, as some sections on first year courses are compulsory and not really to everyone’s taste, which means you will have to sit through your fair share of dull lectures, seminars, tutorials and welcome talks. You’ve got to break a few eggs.

#2 Early start

9ams. Say no more. But seriously I’m pretty sure that these are dangerously harmful to our student health and well-being, going for a night out and then waking up at around 7am causes a feeling that cannot be shaken for the next week. Your first year at university will definitely see your sleeping pattern be thrown out of the window, as you return from your 9am at 3pm to sleep until 8pm and then to stay awake until 5am. Hmmm. I know the general expectation is that after freshers one will become a mature adult, but the desire to sleep, relax, eat junk and chat to new people doesn’t go away after fresher’s week, and it can be hard to put this on hold whilst you get an assignment in, register at your doctors or organise a study space.

#3 Career’s events

Seriously? For freshers? I know it may sound a little eager but the week after freshers you will already be being bombarded with people asking you what you want to do after university. There will be more welcome talks with alumni and what they did after their studies, there will be 9am lectures on careers options, all of which you will attend to have a quick listen and a mini heart attack.

#4 Nothing is free anymore

No more free dominos, you can’t just walk into your nearest store after freshers and demand a one pound pizza, nor can you expect a free can of coke to be handed to you as you walk down the street, or a subscription for Spotify thrust in your face outside the student’s union. Fresher’s week is over and therefore no one wants to give you free stuff anymore, proper sad isn’t it? The fact that take away food is no longer at a discounted price means that you are going to have to cook for yourself, a definite wake up call after the speed and intensity of fresher’s week where you probably managed a dominoes pizza a day.

#5 Where did all that loan go?

Fresher’s week can be an expensive business, and there’s no better way or life smacking you in the face on the first day of university than looking at your bank account to see that those night’s out really made a dent in your cash.

Despite all this change, try not to worry!

Fresher’s week is intense and exciting, and although this will differ to university life, your studies can also be engaging and fun as well.

Remember, it’s not a job, and you will still have plenty of free time to enjoy yourself.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.