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The Complete Freshers Survival Guide

The Complete Freshers Survival Guide

Warning: Content inappropriate for those who practice abstinence.

Welcome to freshers’ week, aka, the messiest week of your life. In this first week you will learn that living at university can be fun, wild and exhausting. You will get your first taste of being a student but before you commence on this mission, but there are  some important things to take in to account beforehand.

Here is your freshers survival guide:

Equipment Required:

  • 1 fancy dress costume – trust me, there is always an opportunity for fancy dress
  • A crate of beer – you want to be that person who came prepared and can share a few cold beers on that first night of freshers in your new flat
  • Pack of cards – a must have for those pre-drink games
  • Fast foods – speedy meals are essential because when hunger strikes, a bowl of super noodles will give you the energy you need to get by
  • Tea, Milk and Sugar – Homesick? Hungover? A cup of tea will fix it.
  • Condoms – because, you know. Better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want your reputation to be “that person who got the clap in freshers”.
  • Paracetamol – if you think you’ve had a bad hangover before, nothing will compare to that of a student on their 3rd night in freshers.


  • Baked goods – all you need to make friends in halls is to pass around the baked goods.
  • A teapot – because making pre-drink cocktails in a teapot is always fun.
  • A board game – I hate to break it to you but you will have at least one night in so be prepared and bring a board game.
  • Glow sticks – no explanation needed.
  • Bread and Bacon – you want to be the roommate who makes bacon butties the morning after a wild night out
  • Fruit – because nobody wants fresher’s flu

How to Prepare:

  • Learn a recipe – learn at least one recipe. Whether you cook it for yourself or decide to share a meal with flat mates, it is essential to be able to cook at least one good meal. Try something easy and delicious like a stir fry.
  • Phone finder app – your room is spinning, sudden movements are making you feel queasy but you need to check Instagram! Instead of getting in a panic, ringing the club and turning your bedroom upside down be sure to install a phone finder app so that you can find it quickly to un-tag yourself in any embarrassing photos.
  • Phone Calendar and Notes – the amount of students that miss a lecture or forget their new address is astonishing. Use your phone calendar or notes to keep important information at hand.
  • Taxi-up – save the cheap taxi numbers and always, always, always install the Uber app.
  • Budget – boo, not fun. But your loan has to stretch further than freshers’ week so plan a weekly budget because “I’m skint” is an unacceptable excuse not to go out in freshers.

NEVER forget to…

  • Line your stomach – get some food in you before a big night because you need the energy for those dance moves, if anything else.
  • Look out for your friends – always keep your friends safe and they’ll return the favour.
  • Set your alarm – the ultimate test of university is being able to get to that 9am lecture. Set your alarm before you go out so as to avoid any mishaps.
  • Fill a bottle of water –a big bottle of water and leave it by your bed. There’s nothing worse than waking up to find you’ve eaten the Sahara Desert.
  • Say YES – accept those invitations to go out with new friends, sign up to everything that interest you and have fun because I hate to break it to you freshers will be over quicker than you can say dissertation.
Holly Smith Editor