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The Broke Student’s Guide To Healthy Eating

The Broke Student’s Guide To Healthy Eating

If you don’t have the luxury of freshly cooked food from your hall’s canteen, then no doubt you’ll end up buying the cheapest and easiest stuff from the local supermarket – especially once the student loan runs low.

£1 pizzas, £1 ready meals… yeah you get the gist. They’re great and surprisingly tasty, but if you’ve ever looked at the nutrients label then you’ll know just how bad they can be.

Surprisingly, however, eating cheaply and healthy isn’t as expensive as it’s made out to be. Taken from years of experience and the best research, we’ve come up with the broke student’s guide to healthy eating.

Top Tips


Go Frozen

You know you can buy vegetables, fruits and meats in the frozen section.  But did you know that they’re actually cheaper, fresher and better for you than fresh produce?

Peppers, spinach, sweetcorn, peas, and broccoli are some for the best things to pick up in the frozen aisle. They’re easy to cook: add them into sauces, boil them up or even fry them.

Fruit such as berries are great frozen, just stick them in a blender and you can make smoothies in seconds – without the horrendous price tag.

student’s guide to healthy eating

Meats can also be bought ready-cut and frozen. They may take slightly longer to cook, but you don’t run the risk of anything going off after a few days of buying it.

Make the most of Iceland and Frozen Foods, if you live near one.

Try cooking slow

Hands up… Who got a slow-cooker from mum for Christmas?


She actually bought you it for a reason.  All you need to do is throw a load of veggies in it and some cheap meat cuts. Leave it to stew for a few hours and you’ll have a few days’ worth of meals.

Try checking out All Recipes for some great budget meals for the slow-cooker.

Buy lots of Tupperware


Tupperware is one of the greatest things to have in your student cupboard, as they’re perfect for storing and reheating foods. If you happen to have any left-overs from the night before, put them in a Tupperware and shove it in the fridge.

When you come to reheating the next day, you can keep everything in the Tupperware and just put it in the microwave.

Freeze your bread

student's guide to healthy eating

The biggest money saver you’ll ever come across! Unless you’re a bread warrior, you won’t eat a whole loaf before it goes off.  Same goes with bread rolls, naan bread and tortillas.

Just put them all straight in the freezer when you buy them. When you want to eat, put slices of bread straight in the toaster, and you’ll have toast in minutes. Other types of bread can be blasted in the microwave for 20 seconds and they’re ready.

Shop at night

students guide to healthy eating

Shops will start selling off their foods cheaply at around 8pm on certain days of the week. Do a bit of research and find out when your local supermarket starts selling off their food and you’ll find some real bargains.

Go to discount places such as B&M, Poundland or Poundstretcher.

You’d be surprised, but they sell-off branded food at a super-cheap price. If you happen to live near one, have a look there for things like tea, pasta sauces, cereals, baked beans and soups.


Healthy Budget Ideas


Chili con carne


It’s easy, It’s cheap and you can make a sh*t load and freeze it. Instead of using real mince, you could also try using Quorn (it really doesn’t taste much different – but make sure you add an oxo cube or some gravy granules for that meaty taste!)




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All you need are eggs and cheese, and any stray vegetables in your fridge.

Tuna Pasta

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The staple food. Pasta, tuna, sweetcorn and mayo. Mix it all together and voila! Try adding some finely cut raw pepper too for extra taste!


Cous Cous


Cous Cous is super-easy to make, and it seems to last forever. Mix with some vegetables, add a stock-cube, and you’ve got a great lunch waiting for you.

Holly Smith Editor