For the next few days Student Life Guide will be letting you in on all the best internships there are to offer this summer, ranging from a variety of sectors from banking through to design.

Today, it’s teaching!

Teach First Insight Problem

Where: On Location.
When: 11th-22nd June
Paid? Yes, £250 per week plus accommodation.

Teach First’s award winning internships are the perfect opportunity for you to harness some experience, employability skills and also to be inspired to teach for your career. The most exciting thing is that you could finish the two week paid internship and receive an offer from the Leadership Development Programme! With teach first such a difficult field to actually get into, these internships are the perfect opportunity to get involved with teaching, and also, to get yourself up a step in teaching as a profession!

You will spend the first week of the internship in London where you will undergo some training, whilst week two allows you to experience life in the development programme which is based all around the UK. Here you will deliver a lesson on your chosen subject.

Try Teaching Internship

Where: On Location.
When: to be determined.
Paid? Yes.

The Try Teaching Internship is available for all recent teaching graduates looking into teaching English in Schools across the country.

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is hop onto the website and fill in a two minute application form. You will then be directed to specific applications from there which are all suited to your needs. So, give it a go! And good luck.

Teach English in China

Where: China.
When: tbc.
Paid? Yes, competitive.

Experience what it’s really like to teach in China and take part in this internship, whilst gaining your TEFL qualification in the mean time, a feature which looks absolutely incredible on your CV!

You will get a detailed internship handbook, personal support as well as advice from fellow staff members and 120 hours TEFL online training for free! You will also be provided with a link for booking your tickets and also tips on how to complete your travel insurance, an accredited personal tutor and a teaching qualification.

Concerning the logistics of the actual trip, you will receive 20 hours of in classroom TEFL teaching, a free pick up and drop off at the airport, accommodation and meals, a competitive salary, five months of teaching experience and 24/7 support during your stay.

Applications close on 5th May, so you have time, good luck!

TEFL Teaching Internships

Where: Worldwide.
When: tbc.
Paid? Yes, a monthly allowance.

Are you interested in teaching all over the world and getting paid as well?

Well TEFL teaching internships are the perfect opportunity for you! By partaking in the TEFL course you will be able to complete an internship in countries such as China, Spain, Vietnam and Thailand! The internship will also provide you with an internationally recognised teaching qualification which you can then use all over the world in future jobs!

You will get a ‘fantastic monthly allowance’, a network of friends from around the world, accommodation and meals, a lifetime TEFL qualification and a multitude of different job opportunities and applications. Also, if you are only now just looking to go into teaching, after not having done a teaching degree, then that’s fine! TEFL do not require you to have a teaching degree, and the only language that you are expected to speak is English!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.